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Give your passion for mechanical watches a home in the digital world

  • Exclusive offers

    Exclusive offers

    When you register, you'll receive access to offers that are only visible to myChrono24 users. Profit from exclusive access to offers from private sellers during their first few days of release.

  • Personal Watch Collection

    Personal Watch Collection

    Create a digital watch portfolio and easily manage your collection online. Based on our unique data, you can also keep an eye on the performance of your watches.

  • Highest security

    Highest security

    Data security is very important to Chrono24. As part of our comprehensive security standards for myChrono24 users, your information is always transferred as encrypted data.

Never miss out on a good offer again


As a myChrono24 user, you can easily save your searches to your Notepad. We will automatically inform you when the price of a saved offer changes.

Saved Searches

Save your most frequent searches and learn about new offers via email.

Watch Collection

Quick and easy: We'll display the current value of your Watch Collection based on our unique data.


Start your Watch Collection on Chrono24 and discover a whole new side to your collection.


Do you know the value of your watches?
Discover how prices for your models develop and appreciate over time.

More advantages as a myChrono24 user

Retrieve interesting ads easily

Your myChrono24 chronography automatically displays your most recently viewed items. So it is easy to retrieve items you have already viewed.

Communicate easily and securely

Communicate securely with sellers using your account - whether via email, on your smartphone, or in a browser.

Get there faster

Chrono24 does the work for registered users. You donot have to enter any special confirmation code, and you will benefit from forms being completed automatically.

Manage ads conveniently

Get an overview of your own offers and make changes quickly and easily.

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Do you have any questions? Contact us! Our team is happy to help:

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