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Watch Collection

Keep an Eye on the Value of Your Watch Collection

Start Your Online Collection

With the Chrono24 Watch Collection, you can take your watches on the go and track their performance anytime, anywhere. As a collector, what more could you want?

  • Manage your watch collection online
  • Add new watches quickly and easily
  • Enter important information and upload pictures
  • Track the market value of your watches
  • View historical and future performance figures

Take Your Watches Wherever You Go

It's your watch collection as you've never seen it before: online and at your fingertips on your smartphone. Follow interesting watches, research market values, and maintain your Watch Collection wherever and whenever you want.

Monitor Financial Performance

Whether it's watches you own or models you're interested in, you can have timepieces appraised and keep an eye on their future performance. Our unparalleled database is always expanding, and we calculate new market values for each watch every day. Your watch isn't in our database? Great! Unique timepieces help us improve the Watch Collection and grow our database.

Start Your Collection and Reap Additional Benefits

  • Personalize your collection

    Lend your Watch Collection a unique touch with your own information, pictures, and notes.

  • Share your collection

    Share your Watch Collection with other enthusiasts across various channels.

  • Automatic collection

    Anytime you purchase a watch on Chrono24, it is automatically added to your Watch Collection.

Add a Watch Now

Start your online watch collection in a few easy steps. Simply enter the watch's reference number, add details like pictures and notes, and start tracking its performance.

You can find the reference number here:

  • On the dial
  • In the watch's papers
  • On the case back
  • On the lugs

Watch Scanner

Build Your Collection With Photos

Download the Chrono24 app now and add models to your Watch Collection using the Watch Scanner. Whether it's on your wrist, in a magazine article, or in a display case, all it takes is a single photo to add a new watch to your online collection.

Install the app to try it now:

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What is the Watch Collection?
The Watch Collection lets you manage and track all of your watches online. Simply enter each watch's details and, if you'd like, add your own photos. You'll then have access to historical price trends, as well as projections of your timepieces' future financial performance. You can also use the Watch Collection to follow other watches you are interested in.
Do I have to own a watch to add it to my Watch Collection?
No, you can also follow watches that you are simply interested in. To track a watch's performance, enter its reference number or brand, model, and condition and select the option "I don't own this watch."

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How many watches can I add to my Watch Collection?
You may add an unlimited number of watches.
Why is there a watch in my Watch Collection that I didn't personally add?
As soon as you purchase a watch on Chrono24, it is automatically added to your Watch Collection, allowing you to track its value over time.
Which estimated values are available in the Watch Collection?
You can view the estimated value and change in value of each individual watch, as well as your entire collection.
How often is the estimated value updated?
Estimated values are reassessed on a daily basis. However, price fluctuations are only visible across longer periods of time.
Can other users view my Watch Collection?
No, your Watch Collection is only visible to other users if you actively share it with them.
Can I save personal information in the Watch Collection?
Yes, you can add your own photos and notes to each watch.
Can I add rare timepieces to the Watch Collection?
Yes, you can add any watch to your Watch Collection so that it is complete. That being said, there may be little to no data available on rare watches. If the same model is added by other users and we have sufficient data, new information will be added to your Watch Collection automatically.