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Hublot Big Bang King

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Hublot Big Bang King 322.LM.100.RX Hublot Big Bang King 322.LM.100.RX

Big Bang King: Top Class Diving Watches

The King is a subseries to the famous Big Bang series from Hublot. It is comprised of diving watches which retain the characteristic Hublot features in their designs.


  • Diving watch in accordance with international standards
  • Waterproof to 300 m (30 bar)
  • Ceramic, red gold, and palladium cases
  • Natural rubber straps
  • 44, 45, and 48-mm cases

Hublot Big Bang King: On Par with Famous Diving Watches

Big Bang is the most important collection from the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot. Hublot offers the watch in many variants in order to appeal to a wide range of tastes. One of these variants is the Big Bang King, an especially waterproof version meant for divers. The Big Bang King is now only available as a vintage watch, seeing as Hublot no longer produces it.
The King has all the necessary features of a diving watch, such as waterproofness to 300 m (30 bar). This puts the Big Bang King on par with famous diving watches such as the current Submariner from Rolex, the Seamaster Diver 300 M from Omega, or the Fifty Fathoms from Blancpain. Recreational divers don't dive deeper than 40 or 50 m, making the King well suited for almost any use.
A diving watch's design must meet certain criteria, giving designers less freedom in their planning. Safety and utility come first.
These requirements include a rotatable bezel for setting and reading off dive time. It should only be rotatable counterclockwise. This ensures that you won't accidentally turn the bezel clockwise and lengthen your dive time. If the bezel can only rotate counterclockwise, you can only shorten your dive time.
Hublot didn't experiment with the bezel of the Big Bang King; rather, they adhered to the international diving watch standards. These standards require the inclusion of a time scale on the bezel. The scale has minute markers up to the first 15 minutes and a luminous zero marker. At the beginning of the dive, the zero marker is aligned with the minute hand. This way, the diver can easily keep an eye on their dive time.
Whether it's a diving watch or not, there's one design element that Hublot can't ignore: their visible bezel screws. These screws are as much a characteristic part of the Big Bang as the date magnifier is on the Rolex Submariner. The slots in the screws are shaped so that the head resembles an H for Hublot.
Luminous hands and hour indices are also required to meet the diving watch standards. The Big Bang King is no exception. The watch must be legible in poor light, though some models are better than others. The Big Bang King is available with white hands and indices, but there are versions with red, green, and blue hands and indices as well. These colors have much less contrast with the dial.
The Big Bang King has a noticeably large case, either 44 or 45 mm depending on the version. Some versions are even 48 mm in diameter. Hublot stays true to their designs and avoids using stainless steel. Instead, black ceramic is the predominant material used in this collection. There's also a version made of red gold and another made of the precious metal palladium, which is rarely used as a case material.
The Big Bang King isn't completely round, but instead has protrusions at three and nine o'clock. These are characteristic of the series; Hublot was inspired by the Nautilus by Patek Philippe, a legendary sports watch that premiered in 1976.

Which Big Bang King Should I Buy?

If you're looking for a diving watch from a hip brand who paves new roads with their designs and use of materials, then the Big Bang King is the right watch for you.
It costs around 6,000 euros for a pre-owned ceramic watch in very good condition. However, the price depends on the watch; models with colored hands and indices (red, green, blue) can cost over 10,000 euros.
If you want a red gold case, then you should set aside around 15,000 euros. A palladium version costs around 20,000 euros. The silvery-white material is rarely used as a case material, making the palladium Big Bang King a potential coveted collector's item.
The Big Bang King set with diamonds on a red gold case is a truly exclusive timepiece. Prices typically range between 50,000 and 70,000 euros for this version.

The Road to Success with the Big Bang

Carlo Crocco, a watch designer from Italy, founded Hublot in 1980. He was the originator of the fusion concept: He combined a gold case with a natural rubber strap, thereby breaking new ground in the watch scene. The luxury goods concern Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LMVH) bought Crocco's Hublot shares in 2008.
Jean-Claude Biver is significantly responsible for Hublot's recent rising success. In 2004, he left his position as CEO of Omega to become the CEO of Hublot. The company became one of the most well-known Swiss luxury watch manufacturers after the premiere of the Big Bang, their most successful model.