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Hublot MDM Classic, Factory  Diamond Bezel & Lugs, Hublot MDM Classic, Factory Diamond Bezel & Lugs,

Hublot Classic: An Entry-Level Luxury Watch

The Classic was one of the first models released by the high-end manufacturer Hublot. This affordable watch is the perfect introduction to the world of Hublot and has a distinctive, sporty design.


  • A distinctive porthole design
  • Affordable prices: Hublot's entry-level model
  • Highly precise quartz and automatic calibers
  • Stainless steel, solid gold, or stainless steel and gold cases
  • Also available with a chronograph movement and tachymeter scale

Hublot Classic: Distinctive Vintage Watches

Like its name suggests, the Classic is one of the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot's most traditional timepieces. However, that doesn't mean that this watch is a classic dress watch like the Calatrava from Patek Philippe. Rather, the Hublot Classic is a sporty luxury watch that pairs well with a suit and looks great accompanying you on a motor yacht or in a sports car. The three-hand watch has a characteristic feature, a bezel with twelve screws. Earlier models from the 1980s have a hinged lid on the dial side. It was primarily a design element, but it also protected the dial from damages. Altogether, the design of these watches resembles a ship's porthole. Another distinctive feature of the Classic is the "MDM Geneve" inscription on the dial. The three letters stand for "Marie-Danielle Montre" in honor of the wife of the company founder, Carlo Crocco. MDM Geneve later became Hublot. Hublot characteristically uses rubber as the material for their straps. The Nyon-based manufacturer is one of the first to have worked with this material.
Hublot is, above all, known for the sports watches in their Big Bang collection. These timepieces are especially imposing and also have the distinctive porthole design. It's impossible to miss the six screws on the bezel. Many of these watches have a diameter of 44 mm. The King Power, one of the special limited editions, is even larger; it has a 48-mm diameter. The Classic Fusion goes in another direction. The watch has the typical Hublot design, but it also has a connection to classic sports watches while being made of the most modern materials - a true testament to the brand's philosophy. Visually, the watch resembles the Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet.

Which Hublot Classic Models are There?

There is a large vintage market for the Hublot Classic market. Since Hublot has only existed since 1980, most of the wristwatches are still relatively young. Accordingly, most are still in very good condition. In terms of case material, you have the choice between stainless steel, gold, and bicolor models made of stainless steel and gold. The case size is rather unusual for Hublot. Most of the available watches have a moderate size of 36 mm. There are plenty of women's watches that are sized around 30 mm.
Very precise quartz movements are mostly used in this collection. However, there are also some watches powered by automatic movements, which don't require batteries. Most watches only have the essentials, the time and date. If you want something a bit sportier, look at a chronograph. You can use this type of watch as a timer. If the watch also has a tachymeter scale, you can calculate speed over a certain distance.

How Much Does the Hublot Classic Cost?

The Hublot Classic is an affordable introduction to the world of Hublot. Pre-owned quartz watches can be purchased for less than 1,000 euros. These watches have a moderate case size suitable for almost every wrist. The 36-mm models are unisex, while there are even smaller versions designed for women. If you prefer an automatic caliber, you should plan to spend at least 1,800 euros. With an automatic chronograph movement, the Hublot Classic costs around 6,000 euros. The quartz chronographs are much less expensive, costing around 1,500 euros. There are occasionally new watches available, which cost around 5,000 euros.
It's possible that within the next few years, the prices for the Hublot Classic will rise. Hublot is still a relatively young brand. If its cult factor increases, that could notably influence prices. Older models from the 1980s could experience an increase in value, especially the watches with a hinged lid on the dial. Currently, such a watch is available for 2,000 to 3,500 euros, depending on its condition.
Quartz-powered bicolor stainless steel and gold models cost at least 1,000 euros. The prices rise if the timepiece is automatic, costing almost 3,000 euros. A women's version in gold costs at least 2,000 euros; these watches have a diameter of less than 30 mm and are perfect for thinner wrists. The 36-mm version is available for around 3,000 euros.