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Hublot Big Bang

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Hublot - Big Bang World Poker Tour Limited Edition : 411.SX.11... Hublot - Big Bang World Poker Tour Limited Edition : 411.SX.11... Available now $12,950 US 50 2007

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Make a Bang with Hublot's Big Bang

Large, heavy, precious: The Big Bang, Hublot’s biggest star, is an impressive timepiece. The watch from this Swiss manufacturer is available in gold alloy, titanium, or carbon fiber and is rounded out with complicated movements.

The Big Bang has been creating a stir since its introduction in 2005. The watch immediately won many awards, such as the design prize from the <em>Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix</em> and the prize for sports watches at <em>Watch of the Year</em> 2005 in Japan. Within the span of a year, Big Bang sales tripled. Since then, Hublot developers have continued to refine the collection's look through innovative materials, such as Magic Gold, and have introduced new calibers. Watches in a similar style are the Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet and the Octo from Bulgari, though these have octagonal, as opposed to round, bezels.

Coordinating Contrasts

One reason that explains this watch's success is its ability to combine contrasting elements. The watch's outer design is quite spectacular, emphasized by its 45 mm case and wide bezel, which has 90-degree angle edges and is held in place by six visible screws. Hublot was the first company to manufacture watches with natural rubber straps, which are also available for the Big Bang. The combination of these bands and the watches' cases, most of which are made of gold or high-tech materials, results in an intriguing mix of materials. The delicate calibers within likewise offer a contrast to the large cases of the Big Bang models. Many calibers are intricately designed and richly decorated with jewels. Some watches feature sapphire glass backs and no dials, allowing observation of the moving work of art from both sides.
However, the Big Bang is a watch of many faces. The Pop Art and Tutti Frutti models feature bright, popping hues, while the Big Bang Jeans offers a rather casual look. Versions with cases smaller than the standard 45 mm are also available for men or women looking for a watch to fit a slimmer wrist.

The Big Bang Unico: Gold Alloy and a Chronograph Movement

The Unico offers the largest selection of typical Big Bang models, with the chronograph available in around 20 different versions. It has all the ingredients necessary to be the Swiss manufacturer's biggest hit: a large case made of exclusive materials, elaborately decorated calibers made in-house, and a consistent design. Materials such as Magic Gold and King Gold definitely contribute to the watch's appeal. Magic Gold is a patented yellow gold/ceramic alloy used by Hublot to produce extremely scratch-resistant cases. King Gold, on the other hand, has an intense red luster from its combination of red gold, platinum, and copper. Yet the material doesn't oxidize, even after many years. Other case material options are titanium and carbon, both suitable materials for such a large watch due to their light weight and sturdiness. Ceramic is not only used in the Magic Gold alloy, but it also appears in its pure form in cases, bands, and bezels. Hublot covers some Unico models in diamonds: Some feature more than 400 stones sprinkled over the case, dial, and bezel.

Alarm, GMT, Tourbillon, and 5-Day Power Reserve

The basic version of the Unico chronograph caliber HUB1242 is made of 330 pieces put together by hand. The stopwatch function can be upgraded to a flyback chronograph thanks to its modular design. A GMT function is also available in combination with an alarm in the Big Bang Alarm Repeater, powered by the manual-winding caliber HUB5003. The automatic caliber HUB1270 keeps the Big Bang Perpetual Calendar running, which features not only a perpetual calendar, but also a chronograph function. Hublot reached the pinnacle of watchmaking with their HUB6016 caliber featuring a tourbillon. The round filigree frame turns the balance wheel 360 degrees once every minute, thereby negating the effect of gravity on the oscillation system and resulting in a more accurate watch. Tourbillons are considered one of the most difficult complications to produce and are therefore reserved for especially high-quality watches. The HUB6016's power reserve of around 115 hours is also very impressive, and a subdial at the nine o'clock position serves as the power reserve indicator. The HUB6016 vibrates at 21,600 alternations per hour. Hublot uses a rubber base for the watch's band and covers it in alligator leather. This two-layer band is more durable than many others, seeing that in summer very little sweat can permeate the leather. The King Gold case ups the price of the Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days into the six-figure range.
The Big Bang Ferrari has enriched the selection since 2012. The product of a collaboration with the Italian sports car company, it has a sporty design with red or yellow numbers and matching seams on the band. Carbon and ceramic are the dominant materials used, and the watch is powered by the Unico chronograph caliber.

From Bright Colors to Pitch Black

The Big Bang Broderie, Pop Art, and Tutti Frutti were designed with women in mind, featuring smaller case diameters of 41 mm. The dial, bezel, and band of the Broderie are elaborately embroidered. The Pop Art series mainly features pink, orange, turquoise, and deep green hues - and not in different models, but all together in one watch. The two-tone Tutti Frutti pops a little less, with white dials combined with either purple, green, or orange. Hublot uses blue denim for the band and dial of the Big Bang Jeans. The manufacturer truly rises to the challenge of combining contrasting elements in the version of the Big Bang Jeans set with diamonds. Diamonds are also a hallmark of the Big Bang 38 MM, the smallest version in the collection with a diameter of 38 mm. Lovers of the classic pure black look will be enthralled with the All Black, available in sizes ranging from 38 to 45 mm. The watch truly lives up to its name with a black case, dial, and band. Only the numbers, indexes, and hands are lighter to make visibility easier.

Head-Turners and Eye-Catchers

The Big Bang plays a central role for Hublot as its flagship collection. It's most certainly the most well-known watch from this Nyon-based manufacturer. The Big Bang is a true eye-catcher and head-turner: As most models feature 45 mm cases, they're hard to miss. Lovers of complicated movements, as well as of exclusive materials such as Magic Gold, King Gold, or carbon, will certainly get their money's worth.