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Hublot King Power

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Hublot Diamond Hublot King Power Rose Gold Automatic 48mm... Hublot Diamond Hublot King Power Rose Gold Automatic 48mm... $34,999

Extra-Large Luxury: The Hublot King Power

The Hublot King Power is an extremely imposing watch. Almost no other timepiece is so commanding on your wrist. The watch is powered by the finest calibers with intricate complications, such as a flyback chronograph, GMT function, or tourbillon.


  • Special limited editions
  • Very large wristwatches up to 48 mm in diameter
  • Waterproof to 4,000 m (400 bar)
  • High-tech materials like ceramic or carbon fiber used
  • In-house red gold alloy, King Gold

Hublot King Power: A Statement on Your Wrist

The King Power is one of the largest models offered by the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot. The watch is an eye-catcher thanks to its large size of 48 mm alone, but it doesn't stop there. It has large crowns, push-pieces, and crown guards, which emphasize the imposing nature of this series. With its porthole design and six screws on the bezel, the King Power has a clear connection to Hublot's Big Bang. The Big Bang is the most successful and iconic Hublot collection. The likes of Usain Bolt, Jay-Z, and soccer players Pelé and Diego Armando Maradona all wear Hublot.

Which Hublot King Power Models Are Available?

The Hublot King Power has an incredible variety of models. You have the choice between titanium or 18-karat gold for the case. The red gold versions use the in-house alloy King Gold, which has a much more intense red tone than normal red gold. Hublot creates this color by using a higher percentage of copper in their alloy. Metal specialists also add platinum in order to prevent the color from fading over the years. Some models are set with countless diamonds on the bezel and case.
High-tech materials like ceramic or carbon fiber are also used. Ceramic is incredibly lightweight, hard, and scratch-resistant. Moreover, the black ceramic timepieces have an incredibly refined look. Carbon fiber is mostly known from auto racing. The material is extremely lightweight and inflexible and gives watches a sporty look.

Functions and Complications

If you prefer functional sports watches, then you'll find something in the King Power series for you as well. There are many variants with a chronograph function for timing. More exclusive and of higher quality are the flyback chronographs. There are some very special watches powered by the Unico in-house caliber. Hublot developed this chronograph movement completely in-house. Very few luxury watch manufacturers have their own chronograph calibers. The Unico allows Hublot to join the ranks of Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Zenith.
Are you always traveling? Consider a King Power watch with a GMT function. These timepieces display not only the local time, but your home time as well. Other highlights include King Power models with a tourbillon and chronograph function.
The Hublot King Power Oceanographic Diver 4000 is an extremely robust diving watch. The 4000 in its name reveals its waterproofness: It can withstand pressure up to 400 bar, equal to 4,000 m. The version with a chronograph function is waterproof to 1,000 m (100 bar). Both versions of the Oceanographic Diver feature a helium escape valve.

King Power Limited Editions

There are also many special limited editions. The King Power Alinghi is limited to a run of 333 and is an homage to the Swiss sailing yacht of the same name. The Alinghi team won the America's Cup in 2003, the first European ship to do so. America's Cup is the most well-known and traditional sailing regatta that still takes place annually. Another special edition is the King Power Dwayne Wade, which is limited to a run of 500. Dwyane Wade is an American basketball player who won the NBA championship while playing for the Miami Heat. There's another special edition dedicated to FC Bayern Munich, the record-holding champion in the German soccer league. The series is limited to a run of 200 and the dial features the team's colors. Their logo is at three o'clock.
Model Waterproofness Complications
King Power Alinghi Ceramic 100 m (10 bar) Chronograph
King Power Dwyane Wade 100 m (10 bar) Chronograph
King Power FC Bayern Munich Limited Edition 100 m (10 bar) Chronograph
King Power Oceanographic Diver 4000 4,000 m (400 bar) Rotatable bezel, helium escape valve
King Power Oceanographic 1000 1,000 m (100 bar) Rotatable bezel, helium escape valve, chronograph

What Should I Consider When Buying a Hublot King Power?

If you're interested in purchasing a King Power from Hublot, you should be aware of its large diameter of 48 mm and thickness of almost 18 mm. Such an imposing watch is not the best choice for every wrist. However, if it's your style, there's no better watch for you. The diving watches Oceanographic 4000 and 1000 appear even larger thanks to their screw-down crown and flip-open guard. Yet, this makes the King Power Oceanographic 4000 incredibly robust. Few diving watches can withstand pressure up to 400 bar (4,000 m). The Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea is almost as waterproof as this Hublot watch: It's waterproof to 3,900 m (390 bar). Rolex currently holds the record for the most waterproof watch with their Deepsea Challenge. This specialty watch dove to nearly 11,000 m while attached to a submarine in the Mariana Trench in 2012. The inscription "12,000 m" is on the dial.
You can purchase a pre-owned Hublot King Power in very good condition for around 10,000 euros. The Oceanographic Diver 4000 is similarly priced; new, it costs 15,000 euros. The Oceanographic 1000 with a chronograph function costs 15,000 euros when new. As the model is still quite young, there are very few pre-owned models available.
Pre-owned versions of the special limited edition Dwyane Wade watch can be purchased in very good condition for about 10,000 euros. New, the watches cost around 15,000 euros. A ceramic Alinghi costs about 12,000 euros, and the FC Bayern Munich version costs 18,000 euros new. Pre-owned, the watch is a bit less expensive, costing only 13,000 euros.
The GMT version of the King Power is perfect for globetrotters. This model is rather new, so there aren't many pre-owned watches available. For the ceramic King Power Unico GMT, you should be prepared to pay at least 19,000 euros. The King Gold version costs around 30,000 euros.

Prices for a Red Gold Version of the King Power

Do you prefer red gold? The Hublot King Power is also available in 18-karat red gold. Hublot uses a special in-house red gold alloy which they call King Gold. Pre-owned gold chronograph models cost around 19,000 euros in very good condition. New gold chronographs cost around 26,000 euros. The Oceanographic Diver 4000 is also available in red gold. This diving watch costs over 20,000 euros new, but the price rises to 33,000 euros for a new red gold version.


  • 48-mm diameter
  • Diverse limited editions available
  • Diving watch Oceanographic Diver waterproof to 4,000 m (400 bar)