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The Chrono24 Watch Collection – Where Your Watches Are Right At Home

By Pascal Gehrlein

Your Chrono24 Watch Collection

Take a moment to think about your watch collection. Maybe you’ve got your favorite timepieces in a watch box or safely tucked away in a safe. You probably know all the technical specifications of your watches and even remember the day and place you bought them. But what about the market value of your collection? Do you know how your watches are performing in the current market or over the past decade or so? Which of your watches have appreciated in value since you bought them? And what were their exact reference numbers and the exact date you purchased them?

Like now more than 1.5 million watch lovers, you too can easily keep track of all the information, facts, and figures about your watches with the Chrono24 Watch Collection on your smartphone.

What Drives the Watch Collection

Buying a luxury watch online these days happens all the time; it’s possible through all kinds of channels. The Chrono24 Watch Collection delivers a unique ownership experience, illustrating everything you ever wanted to know before, during, and after owning your watches and building a collection.

Track the market performance of your entire watch collection or individual pieces, enter where you bought your watches or the year they were produced, or look up their reference numbers and calibers. These are just a few of the great things the Watch Collection has to offer.

With used and vintage timepieces, an amazing part of the ownership experience is having an overview of their current value, and seeing how they’ve performed financially over the years.

Sure, profit isn’t always the most important thing for collectors. But just between us, don’t you sometimes check Chrono24 to see how much your watch is worth? Especially at those times when you’re toying with the idea of trading in one watch for your next object of desire? That’s where the Watch Collection with its extensive Chrono24 marketplace data is a great tool.

How does the Watch Collection work?

If you already have a Chrono24 account, you’ll find the Watch Collection in the main menu of the desktop version and as one of the main icons in the app menu. Not on Chrono24 yet? Sign up for free to use the Watch Collection and get started by entering your watch collection under “My Watches” or start a wish list with your “Followed Watches.”

Nutzen Sie den Watch Scanner, falls Sie die Referenznummer Ihrer Uhr nicht kennen.
Don’t know your watch’s reference number? The Watch Scanner is here to help.

You can enter a timepiece into your Watch Collection in one of two ways.

  1. The Watch Scanner is a great option if you’re wearing a watch but don’t know its model name or reference number. This feature is easy to use: scan or take a picture of the watch on your wrist with your smartphone. Make sure the dial is well-lit and in the center of the image. The Watch Scanner will then be able to identify your watch on the spot and automatically provide you with the exact model and/or reference number. If it doesn’t, it will still offer suggestions of what watch you’re wearing for you to choose from. You’re then just a few steps away from adding it to your Watch Collection.
  2. If you already know the exact reference or model of your timepiece, manual entry is the way to go. Enter the reference number or model name into the search field. This will bring up the exact watch you want to add to your collection.
    For example, suppose you have a Rolex Submariner ref. 14060. Click on “Add a Watch” and enter the reference number 14060, or enter a description of the watch that is as specific as possible (e.g., Rolex Submariner No Date) in the search field. You’ll immediately see over 100,000 models in the database to choose from.
Suchen Sie manuell nach Uhren ihres Interesses.
Do a manual search for a watch you’ve got your eye on.

Different filters let you narrow your search to exactly what you’re looking for. Simply select the specific material, case size, dial color, etc.

The database is constantly updated and consists of offers from the Chrono24 marketplace. Unlike other similar services, the Watch Collection includes more than just the most popular models.

Once you’ve found the watch you’re looking for, add it to your Watch Collection. You’ll be asked if you already own it, and it will be added to either “My Watches” or “Followed Watches.” The app is great for switching back and forth between these two categories. You’ll always have both at your fingertips, whenever you want.

Das neue Design macht sich vor allem in der App bemerkbar und bereitet eine angenehme User Experience.
The great new design is best enjoyed with the app, which provides a wonderful user experience.

Once you’ve entered your watch, you’ll notice that the tool automatically enters its general information along with an image of it. In order to calculate the most accurate estimate possible, the tool needs to know the purchase price, the year you bought the watch, and its condition (unworn or worn). Additional information such as the movement, case material, etc. is usually entered automatically, but if it isn’t, you can enter it manually. Once you’ve entered everything, a single click is all that’s needed for the algorithm to determine the current market value of your watch and your entire collection. It will also display the total profit or loss as a number in the currency of your choice, or as a percentage.

Helpful hint: The more accurate and complete the information you provide about your watch (purchase price, date of purchase, condition, etc.), the more accurately its value can be determined.

A Great Feature: Market Performance

Since the database includes information on past listings, you can also view the historical market value of your watches. Fans and collectors of used and vintage timepieces will love this feature. Take a trip back in time to see exactly how your watch portfolio has performed over the past few years or even decades, with all its peaks and valleys. These charts will remind you of stock market trackers, although you don’t have to be a Wall Street buff to have a good time with them.

This market performance chart shows whether this is a watch you own or not: You’ll see “Your watch” (based on the price you paid for it) compared to its overall market performance. If you own the watch and have entered its purchase price, the overview will show you the watch, its model description and reference, as well as its price performance (gain or loss) and its current market value. The chart, i.e., its market performance, shows how this particular watch has performed in terms of price.

Behalten Sie die Wertentwicklung Ihrer Uhren stets im Blick mit der Chrono24 Watch Collection.
Keep an eye on the value of your Watch Collection – anytime, anywhere.

By the way, your watch collection allows you to sell one of your watches directly on Chrono24 or to find a deal for one of the watches you’re following.

Personalizing Your Watch Collection

Personally categorize your collection by date, estimated value, price performance, alphabetically, or your own custom categories.

Did you buy your Daytona as an investment? Add it to your Watch Collection to remind you to sell it when it appreciates in value. Remember that one watch you bought on vacation in Italy in that charming antique shop? Make a note of that, too, along with a great-looking wrist shot to commemorate the special moment. You’ll turn your Watch Collection into your own personal (digital) collection.

Share Your Passion

Watch collecting is a passion that connects more people than anyone can imagine. The Watch Collection is your opportunity to share your collection with others. You’re going to love how you can use this feature to directly communicate the market value of your watch to a potential buyer, or track the price performance of watches with other enthusiasts who share your taste.

You decide if and who can see your collection. Your password-protected Chrono24 account makes your Watch Collection accessible to you and you alone.

What are you waiting for? Test the Watch Collection now for free. Delete or update your entries at any time. It’s a great tool that will strengthen your bond with your personal watch collection.

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