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Rolex GMT-Master II BATMAN 116710 BLNR Rolex GMT-Master II BATMAN 116710 BLNR

Rolex Batman: The Dark Knight's Watch

The Rolex Batman is a GMT-Master II with a blue/black ceramic bezel. Together with a blue 24-hour hand, the bezel displays a second time zone. Read on to learn more about pricing for this luxury watch.


  • Blue/black ceramic bezel
  • Blue 24-hour hand, white GMT-Master II inscription
  • In-house caliber 3186 with a chronometer certificate from the COSC, GMT function
  • 40-mm stainless steel case
  • Solid investment

How much does a Rolex Batman cost?

Model Complications Price
Rolex 116710BLNR (Batman)
Automatic, date, second time zone, rotatable ceramic bezel Starting at 10,000 euros
Rolex 116710LN
(black ceramic bezel)
Automatic, date, second time zone, rotatable ceramic bezel Starting at 6,600 euros
Rolex 116713LN
(bicolor model)
Automatic, date, second time zone, rotatable ceramic bezel Starting at 10,000 euros
Rolex 116719BLRO (Pepsi) Automatic, date, second time zone, rotatable ceramic bezel Starting at 26,000 euros
The Rolex Batman with reference number 116710BLNR (BLNR stands for "bleu/noir," French for "blue/black"), is currently one of Rolex's most popular watches. If you want this GMT-Master II with a blue/black bezel, then you need to be prepared to either wait a few weeks or buy one online on Chrono24. Buying a watch on Chrono24 often means you'll get your Rolex Batman faster. The Rolex 116710BLNR's list price is 8,100 euros as of 2017. Since the timepiece was first presented in 2013, there are few pre-owned watches available. If you find one in very good condition, you should be prepared to pay at least 7,400 euros, which is not far off the price of a new watch. Generally, the Rolex BLNR retains its value quite well. The online price for a new Batman watch can even be a few hundred euros more than the list price. It's not rare to find a 116710BLNR for around 10,000 euros. However, if you pay more, you will get this GMT watch much more quickly. As the watch is such a highly sought-after timepiece, it's likely to increase in value, making it a good investment as well.
In comparison to the Rolex Batman, the standard version (reference number 116710LN) with a black ceramic bezel is listed for 7,650 euros as of 2017. You can purchase a pre-owned model in very good condition for almost 6,000 euros. You can find new Rolex 116710LNs for around 6,600 euros.
The bicolor stainless steel and 18-karat yellow gold model with reference number 116713LN also has a black Cerachrom bezel. Cerachrom is Rolex's own particularly scratch-resistant ceramic material. Its color doesn't fade after exposure to UV light. Many bezels used to gradually lose their color over the years. The GMT-Mater II with reference number 116713LN costs around 8,000 euros pre-owned. You can purchase a new version of the timepiece for around 10,000 euros.
The most well-known version of the GMT-Master is probably the Rolex Pepsi. It's identifiable by its red/blue bezel, which is reminiscent of Pepsi's red and blue logo. Older models made of stainless steel are available pre-owned for around 5,500 euros. These timepieces, unlike the Rolex Batman, have a bezel with an aluminum inlay.
The Rolex Pepsi has since received a Cerachrom bezel. The case and bracelet have been exclusively made of 18-karat white gold since 2014, making the Rolex GMT-Master II (reference number 116719BLRO) a particularly luxurious sports watch. BLRO stands for "bleu/rouge," French for "blue/red." Rolex independently produces their gold alloys in their own foundry. Since the Rolex Pepsi 116719BLRO hasn't been around for very long, there are few pre-owned watches available. Any pre-owned models available in very good condition usually cost around 24,000 euros. Prices for a new version would start at 26,000 euros. The list price of the watch is 34,800 euros as of 2017.

What are the distinctive features of a Rolex Batman?

The Rolex Batman's most distinctive feature is its blue/black ceramic bezel. This color combination is reminiscent of the Dark Knight, lending the Rolex BLNR its nickname. The blue half of the 24-hour bezel symbolizes daytime hours and the black side symbolizes nighttime hours. This way, you can tell from just one look whether it's day or nighttime in the second time zone. Many GMT watch wearers use the second time zone to display the time at home when they are traveling. The usual three hands for hours, minutes, and seconds, display the local time. The 24-hour hand on the Batman model is also blue; the standard version (reference number 116710LN) has a green hand.
The Rolex Batman has a diameter of 40 mm, as do most standard Rolex watches. If you're looking for a larger sports watch, then take a look at the Sea-Dweller Deepsea or the Sea-Dweller, introduced at Baselworld 2017. The Sea-Dweller has a diameter of 43 mm, while the Deepsea is a millimeter larger at 44 mm. The GMT-Master II Batman's case is made of 904L stainless steel. This material is predominantly used in aviation and cutting edge technology. 904L stainless steel is especially corrosion-resistant and is easy to polish.
Rolex uses the popular Oyster bracelet with the Batman. The Oyster bracelet is used in many other Rolex watches, such as the Submariner. Yet unlike the Submariner, the middle links of the three-link metal bracelet on the Rolex Batman are polished, not satinized. The polished middle links are also featured on other GMT-Master II models, giving these timepieces a more refined look. The Batman pairs well with a suit at the office with its blue/black bezel. The folding Oysterlock safety clasp keeps the watch securely on your wrist and ensures the bracelet doesn't open accidentally. The Easylink comfort extension link system is especially practical. You can use it to extend your Oyster bracelet by about 5 mm. This is particularly useful on hot days when your wrist swells up slightly.
The blue 24-hour hand on the Rolex Batman matches the blue/black ceramic bezel perfectly. The standard version with reference number 116710LN has a green GMT hand, and "GMT-Master II" is written on the dial in green, instead of the white inscription on the BLNR. Rolex did this to ensure that a standard GMT-Master couldn't simply be set with a blue/black bezel and sold as a more expensive Batman. Every GMT-Master II has the iconic Cyclops lens over the date display.

Which caliber powers the Rolex Batman?

The in-house caliber 3186 powers the Rolex Batman. The automatic movement features a date display and a GMT function. Like every Rolex caliber, the 3186 has a certificate from the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). According to the international norm, a mechanical chronometer may only deviate between -4 and +6 seconds a day. Rolex has even stricter rules and retests the watch's deviation after its certification. A Rolex watch may only deviate between -2 and +2 seconds a day. Since the caliber 3186 has a stop-seconds mechanism, you can set the time to the exact second. The movement has a power reserve of 48 hours.

Caliber 3186 Features

  • Automatic
  • Date display
  • GMT function
  • Certified chronometer

Are there alternatives to the Rolex Batman?

Model Bezel Price
Rolex 116710LN Black Starting at 6,600 euros new
Rolex 16710 Blue/red, black, red/black
Starting at 5,500 euros pre-owned
Rolex 116719BLRO Red/blue Starting at 26,000 euros new
Rolex 16760 "Fat Lady" Red/black Starting at 6,500 euros pre-owned
If you aren't concerned with the colors of your Rolex Batman, but you still want a GMT-Master II, you could buy the variant with a black Cerachrom bezel. This model is significantly more affordable, both new and pre-owned, than the watch with reference number 116710BLNR. From a technical standpoint, the standard version is equivalent.
The Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master has a red/blue bezel. However, because the Pepsi version is currently only produced in white gold, this model is significantly more expensive than the Rolex Batman. If you decide on a Rolex 16710, also a Rolex GMT-Master II, then you'll get a former model made of stainless steel with a blue/red bezel. Rolex began producing the 16710 towards the end of the 1980s. Since this reference number has many different varieties, you can also find models with a black or red/black bezel. The red/black version is known as the Rolex Coke, as the colors of the bezel resemble the colors used by Coca-Cola. However, the bezels on the Rolex 16710 have an aluminum inlay. This isn't as scratch and fade-resistant as the Cerachrom bezels that are currently being used. A GMT-Master II with reference number 16710 can be purchased for around 5,500 euros. Since these watches are no longer produced, new models are extremely rare, with prices ranging from 10,000 to over 20,000 euros.
The first GMT-Master II was a Rolex Coke. The Geneva-based manufacturer introduced the model with reference number 16760 for the first time in the mid-1980s. Back then, the red/black bezel and use of sapphire glass were new. Today, sapphire glass is a standard part of Rolex watches. The caliber 3085 was also new at the time. The caliber allowed the hour hand to be set independently. Since the case of the Rolex 16760 was thicker, it was nicknamed "Fat Lady." There are only a few original Coke Rolexes remaining today; this is because the 16760 was only produced for a few years. Although the Fat Lady is quite rare, you can find pre-owned models for as low as 6,500 euros.

Rolex Batman: The Legendary Wristwatch's Successor

The Rolex Batman is a modern interpretation of an iconic watch. The first GMT-Master with reference number 6542 was introduced in the mid-1950s. Rolex originally developed the wristwatch for the American airline company Pan American World Airways, Pan Am. At the time, international flights where airplanes and their passengers traverse multiple time zones in a short period were new. The ability to display multiple time zones on a watch became important for the first time in history. Pan Am commissioned Rolex to develop a wristwatch that could fulfill these demands. The result was the GMT-Master 6542 with a rotatable 24-hour bezel and an additional 24-hour hand. In order to better differentiate between day and night hours, the bezel was divided into two parts colored red and blue. Blue represented the night hours and red represented the day hours.
Did you know that the Rolex GMT-Master has already had its film debut? In Goldfinger (1964), Pussy Galore wears a model with reference number 6542. The watch isn't a James Bond watch like the Rolex Submariner 6538, but the Rolex Pepsi found its way onto the big screen nonetheless.