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Rolex Cellini

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Rolex Cellini 18K White Gold 1464 Rolex Cellini 18K White Gold 1464

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Cellini: Rolex's Classic Collection

Sometimes, less is more: With the Cellini collection, Rolex offers an appealing watch with a clean and sophisticated look. The watches are made of precious metals and powered by in-house calibers, and some feature a second time zone complication.


  • Rolex's classic collection
  • Only high-quality materials: 18-karat white and Everose gold, versions with diamonds on the dial and bezel, alligator leather straps
  • In-house, COSC-certified caliber
  • Versions with a date subdial or second time zone
  • Vintage watches for less than 2,000 euros

Classic Designs Meet Modern Technology

The Cellini collection pays homage to the art of watchmaking with its classic design characteristics. These aspects, such as Roman numerals, guilloché dials, fine-tipped lancet hands, and precious materials like white or rose gold, characterize the look of this series. These classic touches separate the Cellini from sportier Oyster models such as the Submariner. This collection follows in the footsteps of the rectangular Cellini Prince, introduced in the 2000s. However, Rolex made a few changes: The shape of the case is rounder and the newer models have an automatic in-house movement, while the older models had to be wound by hand. The series is named after Italian goldsmith and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571), one of the most important Renaissance artists. Reminiscent of this European cultural epoch - the word "renaissance" means "rebirth" - these Rolex watches represent a fresh interpretation of traditional watchmaking. They combine classic elegance with modern technology and are truly state of the art.

Buying Advice for the Rolex Cellini

If you're searching for a classic dress watch from Rolex, then look no further than the Cellini collection. Models featuring diamonds on the bezel and dial are particularly refined and cost around 15,000 euros. Pre-owned vintage models from the 60s or 70s are less expensive, costing around 1,500 euros. Newer three-hand models start around 10,000 euros. Models with a date subdial cost about 12,000 euros and the Dual Time versions are priced around 13,000 euros. Comparable watches from other brands include the Patek Philippe Calatrava (starting at 4,000 euros), the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony (starting at 4,000 euros), or the Omega De Ville Trésor (starting at 8,000 euros).

Buying Tips

  • The perfect dress watch from Rolex
  • Vintage gold watches starting around 1,500 euros
  • Newer models starting around 10,000 euros

Alternatives from Other Brands

  • Patek Philippe Calatrava, starting around 4,000 euros
  • Vacheron Constantin Patrimony, starting around 4,000 euros
  • Omega De Ville Trésor, starting around 8,000 euros

The Cellini Collection: Characteristics and Models

The Cellini collection distinguishes itself from its Rolex siblings by its streamlined, delicate look. The case is 39 mm in diameter, a size suitable for almost every wrist, and it is available in either 18-karat white or Everose gold. Everose gold, Rolex's unique gold alloy, is produced in their foundry along with their other gold alloys. Thanks to downward sloping lugs and bent spring bars, there is only a small space between the case and strap. Cellini watches come with a black or brown stitched, remborded alligator leather strap featuring an 18-karat gold buckle.
The unique bezel is made up of two individual bezels, one domed and the other delicately fluted. The silver, rose gold, or black dials are either varnished or guilloché patterned and visible under the scratch-resistant sapphire glass. Along with applied indices and non-luminous lancet hands, the watch features long Roman numerals at twelve, three, six, and nine o'clock and "Cellini" written in cursive script above the six o'clock position. Thanks to the screw-down crown and case back, the watch is water resistant up to 50 m.
In the standard version of the Cellini Time, Rolex keeps it simple. The streamlined, three-hand watch rejects any extra functions. If you desire a date display, the Cellini Date is the right watch for you. The date is shown in a small subdial at 3 o'clock. For those who travel a lot, the Cellini Dual Time is ideal. A subdial at the six o'clock position with two hands displays the time in a second time zone. A day/night display is located at the 9 o'clock position on the subdial. When the sun is shining, a sun is visible, and when it's nighttime, a moon. Rolex offers an alternative timepiece with GMT-function in their GMT Master II, which belongs to the Oyster collection.

The Most Modern Technology

The same in-house movements that power the Explorer and Oyster Perpetual models tick away inside the Cellini watches. The bidirectional-winding automatic movement 3132 without a date display has a power reserve of 48 hours. Its balance wheel oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 alternations per hour. Since the movement has a stop-seconds mechanism, you can set the time to the exact second. The balance wheel's blue hairspring is made of a niobium-zirconium alloy and therefore, is unaffected by magnetic fields. Furthermore, it's more resistant to shocks than regular hairsprings. Rolex named this innovative development "Parachrom Bleu." The oscillator can "breathe" more freely thanks to the special hairspring, whose outermost coil is raised and bent in towards the center (Breguet overcoil), which counteracts the effects of gravity and results in higher accuracy. The position of the balance wheel, kept stable and precise thanks to the traversing balance bridge, also increases the movement's accuracy. This differs from conventional movements, which have a so-called balance cock which stores the oscillation system and is considered less stable. Rolex certifies the accuracy of all of its in-house calibers at the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). The caliber is regulated via the typical Rolex Microstella system with the Microstella nuts located on the balance wheel. Normally, standard movements are regulated via a regulator which elongates or shortens the hairspring. Paraflex shock protection, another Rolex development, protects the movement against shocks and extreme conditions. The caliber has a diameter of 28.5 mm and is 5.37 mm thick.
The version featuring the date subdial utilizes the modified caliber 3165. The Cellini Dual Time is powered by the in-house movement 3180, which enables the dual time zone function. Similar to Rolex's sports watches, the three different movements used in the Cellini series are hidden behind a screw-down case back that is so polished it could be used as a mirror. This leaves the beautiful inner workings of the watch hidden: a sunburst design on the winding rotor, polished screw heads, a perlage on the bridges, a blue Parachrom hairspring, and two red anodized gears, which are a part of the automatic winding system. Rolex automatic movements excel in terms of robustness, reliability, and longevity; watchmakers consider them to be the best automatic calibers available.

Rolex's Dress Watch

Without exception, the Cellini collection is full of watches defined by their classic characteristics. Materials such as white and Everose gold raise their value and emphasize the traditional design. The design of the watch has a timeless, elegant feel along with a clear, clean dial. Different dial and strap colors appeal to different tastes, while those who love extra features - such as date displays and second time zones - will find something just right for them. The most reliable calibers, defined by their robustness and precision, power the watches in this series. Any watch from the Cellini collection goes perfectly with suits or tuxedos. Watches in mint condition are in the low five-figure range, while vintage watches are in the four-figure range.