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TAG Heuer Aquaracer Lady

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TAG Heuer Aquaracer  (15689) TAG Heuer Aquaracer (15689)

TAG Heuer Aquaracer for Ladies

TAG Heuer. The classic sports brand. Polished and refined for women in 2014. A new start for the watchmakers of reinvention and style, the Aquaracer is now also for women. Water resistant, elegant, and precise. This watch keeps time like no other. And why shouldn’t it? Aquaracer women live without limits on land and sea—just like this watch. The TAG Aquaracer Lady doesn’t look back. Neither does TAG Heuer.

A Perfect Match for TAG Aquaracer Ladies

A partnership that will last? TAG Heuer’s credentials say so. With a record breaking legacy in the world of professional sports, the brand is accustomed to keeping time on the fastest courses ever. The classic Aquaracer does the same for aquatic sports, offering faultless water resistance and robust features.
What does the Tag Heuer Aquaracer for women add to the collection? Brilliance, to start. In its most luxurious guise, the dial and bezel are embellished with diamonds. Rather than numerals, the dial boasts a jewel at every hour with hand-applied indexes finishing a perfect circuit. This ring is only broken once—at 3 o’clock—for the angled date window.
For the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Lady, style and function go hand in hand. Take the unidirectional turning bezel. Its halo of diamonds is interspersed with easy to grip studs in rose gold that make setting time limits for competitive sailing intuitive and quick. Added to that is a built-in safety feature that ensures a countdown will only decrease, never increase, if the bezel is moved accidentally.
TAG Heuer Aquaracer for ladies only asks for one compromise from its owner; that’s in her choice of dial, case and strap. The cases come in two sizes. At 27 mm, 32 mm and 34 mm, every wrist finds its perfect match. Depending on the execution, the watch features a combination of brushed steel, 18 K yellow or rose gold that dignify bezel and bracelet. It’s a refined take on a sporty shape. This watch does double time on the water and at the marina after party.

Keeping Pace with Aquaracer Women

Like all Aquaracer models, these timepieces perform brilliantly under pressure. The scratch resistant sapphire crystal promises longevity, while the transparent crystal caseback assures it. Flipping the watch over reveals the Swiss made caliber 5 at work. Here, design meets craft in a beautiful display.
Here’s another visible standard. The TAG Aquaracer for ladies has an anti-reflective treatment and luminescent markers on its hour and minute hands. Daylight, darkness, or in the underwater gloom—TAG Heuer time doesn’t stop for anything. The TAG Heuer Aquaracer lady? Not a chance. She’ll venture to 300 m below water—with her watch in tow—and still have the exact time.
Under pressure. That’s when the quartz movement outperforms the competition—by a long shot. Powered by a TAG Heuer battery with a service life of at least two years, plus a quartz crystal regulator for measuring time, it’s extremely reliable. An electrical current makes the crystal vibrate at a frequency of 32,768 times per second, translating into near perfect precision. Only a few seconds a month are ever lost.
Made in Switzerland and tested exhaustively under a range of conditions, the caliber for TAG Aquaracer Lady models are reliable and accurate. The end-of-life indicator (EOL) is a feature of every TAG Heuer quartz watch (excluding chronographs). Before the battery runs out of power, the seconds hand will make four-second jumps every four seconds. While it lets the wearer know it’s time to make a switch, the movement continues to deliver accurate time. TAG Heuer Aquaracer for women collectors won’t stop until the battery is completely spent. That’s a watch to be depended on.

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