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Tissot T-Touch Mens Analog Digital Titanium Watch T33.7.588.41 Tissot T-Touch Mens Analog Digital Titanium Watch T33.7.588.41

Tissot Touch: The Tactile Collection

Touch screens are the defining feature of Tissot's Touch collection. These watches are perfect companions for climbers, racecar drivers, and divers thanks to features such as a compass, chronograph, thermometer, altimeter, depth gauge, and barometer.


  • Sapphire glass touch screen
  • Extensive functions: compass, altimeter, barometer, chronograph, and more
  • Developed for use in outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, hiking, diving, sailing, and auto racing
  • Titanium or stainless steel cases, 40 mm or larger
  • Stainless steel, titanium, leather, rubber, and silicon straps available

Tissot Touch: Forward-Thinking Multifunction Watches

Tissot presented their first touchscreen watch in 1999, long before internet-capable smartphones were a part of daily life. Even more groundbreaking was the premiere of the T-Touch, which was a huge technological innovation. The current models are updated versions of their predecessors and maintain their impressive functionality and user-friendliness. Simply touching the sapphire glass screen is enough to switch functions. These watches provide all the practical information you could need outdoors: They feature a barometer, altimeter, chronograph, compass, and thermometer. Whether you're 3,970 m (13,025 ft) up at the top of the Eiger in the Alps, on the race track, or underwater, the Touch collection has a watch made just for you. The most popular model, the T-Touch Expert Solar, is solar powered and therefore environmentally friendly; you don't ever need to change its battery.
Aside from these innovative watches, Tissot also offers traditional wristwatches in their T-Classic collection. Additionally, Tissot is one of the few manufacturers who still offers a wide range of pocket watches. The company, founded in 1853 by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Emile, has over 160 years of history and experience to build upon.

Tissot Touch: The Choice is in Your Hands

The Touch collection contains a variety of different watches with special functions. They range in price from 300 to 1,000 euros. If you're looking at a first generation version, then it only costs around 300 euros to join the world of touchscreen watches. And if the race track feels like your second home? Then the T-Race Touch should be your first choice. It features three chronograph options (add, split, and lap), and you can time your laps to one hundredth of a second. This model is available for around 400 euros. The Sea-Touch is perfect for divers and costs around 700 euros. It features a depth gauge and a logbook for saving dive records. Mountain climbers should look at the T-Touch Expert Solar and the T-Touch Expert. The T-Touch Expert costs around 600 euros and features a thermometer, making it perfect for summiteers. The solar version of the watch costs around 100 euros more.

Buying Tips

  • Price range between 300 and 1,000 euros
  • The perfect timekeeper for athletes: T-Race Touch for auto racing, T-Touch Expert and Expert Solar for mountain climbing and hiking, Sea-Touch for diving, Sailing-Touch for sailing
  • Practical functions including a thermometer, altimeter, barometer, depth gauge, regatta timer, etc.; also displays changes in weather
  • Light as a feather: Titanium models with titanium straps available
  • For the environmentally conscious: Never change a battery again with solar powered watches

The Iconic Model: T-Touch Expert Solar

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar is the most successful and iconic Touch model in the collection. It's the first watch with a solar-powered touch screen, thereby beating out the G-Shock and Pro-Trek watches from the Japanese manufacturer Casio, which are also solar-powered but lack a touch screen. The T-Touch Expert Solar is also number one in functionality: It features a compass, chronograph, countdown and regatta timers, barometer, altimeter, two alarms, a perpetual calendar, and a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) function, which allows you to keep track of a second time zone. All of these features make the T-Touch Expert Solar the perfect outdoor companion. And there is no need to worry about the sun going down: The watch's power reserve prevents it from losing power when it's dark.
The developers at Tissot utilize titanium for their watches, a material characterized by its robustness and light weight. Therefore, the large, 45-mm diameter watches are not too heavy on your wrist. Models with either black or rose gold coated cases have an especially classy look. For the strap, you have the choice of either titanium, leather, rubber, or black, red, or orange silicon. One notable characteristic of these watches is their triangular lugs. The dials are predominantly available in dark colors, such as black or blue, and have a finish resembling carbon. The bezel is available in two different versions: with the Arabic numerals 3, 6, 9, and 12 as hour markers, or with a compass rose. The bottom half of the dial features an LCD display, which showcases the special features such as the timer or altimeter.

More Touch Collection Models

For Climbers: Tissot T-Touch Expert and T-Touch II

The T-Touch Expert and T-Touch II offer almost everything that the T-Touch Expert Solar does. The major difference is that the two watches without "solar" in their names are battery powered. Aside from that, they also have a thermometer, altimeter, and barometer, all of which can be very helpful for mountain climbers. The barometer shows you how the weather is developing - whether it will rain or the sun will shine - which is an incredibly practical feature when you're in the mountains and need to choose your gear. Neither watch features a regatta timer.
You have the choice between the T-Touch II in stainless steel or titanium. The Expert, however, is available exclusively in titanium in order to keep its weight down. Both models have a diameter of approximately 43 mm, and their bezels have a compass rose with the cardinal directions on it. The band is available as stainless steel, titanium, silicon, or rubber. The orange version of the silicon strap is a real eye-catcher. Both watches are waterproof to 10 bar, which is equal to 100 m underwater; therefore, you can easily wear your watch while swimming.

For Sailors and Divers: Sailing-Touch and Sea-Touch

The Sailing-Touch and Sea-Touch models are the watches of choice for water sports enthusiasts. Their names already give away how they're best utilized: for sailing and diving, respectively. The sailing watch has a 45-mm stainless steel case and is available with a black, blue, or white dial. The bezel is also available in black, blue, red, or silver, and has a scale from 0-10 as a part of its regatta timer. With this function, you'll be at the starting line at speed as soon as the gun signals the start of the race. The chronograph function can time both laps and cumulative times. Furthermore, in this mode the watch has a digital tachymeter which you can use to determine speed. Another highlight of the watch is its tide function, which digitally indicates the time of the next ebb or flow and the current state of the tide. The watch also features compass and weather functions.
At first glance, it's easy to see the Sea-Touch is a diving watch. The bezel resembles rotating bezels found on mechanical pendants with its triangular zero point and 60-minute graduations. Such a rotating bezel is mandatory for diving watches and helps to increase dive safety. The rotating bezel can be set to the minute hand so that you can keep an eye on how much time as passed once you begin your dive. It can only be turned clockwise, thereby only enabling you to shorten your dive time, not lengthen it. The Sea-Touch's bezel is also a depth gauge: the minute hand indicates the current depth during a dive. Together with a scale on the dial, the hour hand displays the dive speed, and the logbook function saves your dive data.
The Sea-Touch's stainless steel case measures in at about 44 mm in diameter. Typical for a diving watch, it has a black dial. You have the choice between a stainless steel bracelet or a black or orange rubber strap.

Tissot Touch Collection Models

  • Top Model: T-Touch Expert Solar
  • T-Touch Expert
  • T-Touch II
  • T-Race Touch
  • Sea-Touch
  • Sailing-Touch
  • T-Touch Classic
  • T-Touch Lady Solar
  • Pocket Touch
  • Racing-Touch