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F.P.Journe Tourbillon Souverain F.P.Journe Tourbillon Souverain

F.P.Journe - The Watch Brand that every serious collector and aficionado covet

The F.P.Journe watch brand was founded by Francois-Paul Journe in 1999. F.P.Journe believes in using long lasting materials, such as gold and platinum, instead of silicon and other modern materials. He reasons that modern material spare parts' availability may not be guaranteed in the future, and that durable materials like platinum will weather time. Unlike other brands which that make more than watches F.P.Journe Brand exclusively makes watches. Francois-Paul Journe coined the motto 'Invenit et Fecit' which means ‘invented it and made it’. The motto indicates that his company makes the watches in his workshops without authorizing any third parties to make the watches on his behalf. Although the headquarters of F.P.Journe is in Geneva, Switzerland, the watches can be found in any of the seven authorized boutiques and retailers around the world. The boutiques are in Minami-Aoyama in Tokyo Japan, Paris in France, Boca Raton in Florida USA, Geneva in Switzerland, Central in Hong Kong, Yintai Centre in Beijing and Madison Avenue, New York.

Francois-Paul Journe, the founder of F.P.Journe Brand, was born on March 22, 1957 in Marseille, France. A true horologist from a young age of 14 years, F.P.Journe studied watch making at a local watch making school. Two years later, he moved with his uncle to Paris where he assisted him (the uncle) in restoring antiques and watches at his shop. F.P.Journe discovered more about masterpiece watches and the mechanisms of time from the many pieces he and his uncle collected. The works of Antide Janvier and Abraham-Louis Bregut inspired him so much so that at the age of 20, he was already working on his first tourbillon. Within no time, he was running his own workshop and getting commissions from connoisseurs; who requested for one-off pieces from him.

F.P.Journe - Popular models

F.P.Journe has made hundreds of models of watches, each unique in its features and pricing. Some watches cost tens of thousands of dollars while others cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The F.P.Journe Sonnerie Souveraine model lists as one of the most prized models at a whopping $560,000. This watch takes roughly six years to develop and at least ten patents. It is, however, a masterpiece whose mere design/ display and complex working mechanism match no other. Other popular models include FP Journe Chronomètre Optimum, F.P.Journe Tantalum Chronograph Bleu, F.P. Journe – Dead Beat Seconds Tourbillon Souveraine – platinum, the Grande Sonnerie and Chronomètre à Résonance among others.
The F.P.Journe Chronomètre Optimum is the latest model of the F.P.Journe watches. This model has combined and improved some aspects of previous models. It has also added new technology to its working mechanism which makes it an exceptional masterpiece; as all other F.P.Journe masterpieces.
F.P.Journe Tantalum Chronograph Bleu model costs $19, 995 and is currently available for sale and shipment at Donald Gruenberg Inc. in Beverly Hills California, United States. This model has a Tantalum case and a bracelet made from crocodile skin. It is mostly considered a men’s watch, but can be worn by any sex.
F.P. Journe – Dead Beat Seconds Tourbillon Souverain – platinum is yet another F.P.Journe model. This watch costs $125,500. It has a platinum case, whose thickness and case diameter are 9.9mm and 40 mm respectively, a glass made of sapphire and solid gold Arabic dial numerals. It has a black crocodile skin bracelet and clasps with a platinum buckle. Like other tourbillon devices, this watch has its wheel mounted, and elegantly displayed on its face to counter the effects of gravity and magnetism among other external that affect the running of watches. This watch has a 1403 manually wound caliber with a 42 h power reserve, 26 jewels and a frequency of 21,600 VPH Ah.

F.P.Journe target audience

F.P.Journe watches are unique masterpieces whose target audience is mainly the very rich, serious collectors and true connoisseurs. The prices of different F.P.Journe Brand watch models range, but each piece, a mechanical precision chronometer that simply adheres to the principles of horology as Francois puts is, is made entirely in his workshops. F.P.Journe's main focus lies in making unique pieces that tell time with utmost precision. Like other people who invent and bring new things to the market, F.P.Journe has his favourite pieces among his works. These include F.P.Journe Chronomètre à Résonance, the Grande Sonnerie, which has over 35,040 chines and can be operated by an eight year old child, and his latest masterpiece, the F.P.Journe Chronomètre Optimum.