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Versatile Elegance in the Zenith Defy All Purpose Watch

The Zenith Defy watch brings a new meaning to luxury. Manufactured by the Zenith Company, this timepiece echoes functional elegance in all ways. Specifically built for rough conditions, only the most durable materials and finishing have been used to create this one of a kind timepiece. Exuding an air of distinct functional ruggedness, the Zenith Defy timepiece has a massive casing that provides the necessary protection required for the luxury movement encased inside.

Historical Luxury in the Zenith Defy

The company that makes this one of a kind timepiece was founded in 1865 by the then 22 year old man Georges Favre-Jacot. He innovated and came up with the concept of in house large scale manufacture. The young man got a good number of fine artisan watchmakers to work under one roof producing the best watches of the time. With the Defy, this company has etched a niche into the extreme sports horizon and is excelling there too.
Essentially an extreme sports type of watch, the Defy timepiece is targeted at sportsmen and women who prefer the more unique choices of sport. These include divers, sailors and rock climbers. The Zenith Defy timepiece allows you to dive up to 1,000 meters without water seepage into the inner movement. For the rock climbers, the steel casing employs a shock proofing system that is unrivalled by any other manufacturer.

Pedigree of the Zenith Defy

The Zenith Defy comes in two models. These are the Classic and the Xtreme. Both are made of ultimate performance materials to ensure quality movement, luxury and durability. The watch has a stainless steel case, articulated rubber strap and a silver Guilloche dial. In addition, the Zenith Defy has a stainless steel rotating bezel, scratch resistant sapphire crystal face and an automatic deployment buckle. The combination of these ensures that the Zenith Defy is a watch to be reckoned with in terms of rugged luxury.
The movement is encased in a stainless steel shell and is locked in with a screw down crown and chronograph pushers. The hallmark of the Zenith Defy watch is its astounding self-winding movement with the fastest chronograph in the world with 36, 000 alternations in one hour. The watch sports a sapphire case back for decorative finish and luxurious feel. The Zenith Defy is a unisex model.

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