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Audemars Piguet Millenary

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Audemars Piguet AP Ladies Millenary Zebra White Gold with... Audemars Piguet AP Ladies Millenary Zebra White Gold with...

Horological Artwork: Audemars Piguet Millenary

The Millenary from Audemars Piguet features a characteristic elliptical case and off-centered dial, and allows you a view of its inner workings from the front and back sides. This luxury watch combines neoclassical design with watchmaking art.


  • Avant-garde design with an elliptical case and decentralized dials
  • Perfectly finished in-house movements
  • Top models featuring tourbillon or minute repeater
  • Entry-level model: Stainless steel Millenary 4101
  • Platinum, 18-karat gold, or stainless steel cases

An Unobstructed View: Audemars Piguet Millenary

The Swiss luxury manufacturer Audemars Piguet designed the Millenary in 1995. The watch has a characteristic elliptical case and an off-centered dial. Since the time is displayed on the right side of the dial, there's enough space on the left side to show off the movement, allowing you to watch the balance wheel in motion. Typical of Audemars Piguet, the bridges and caliber pieces are very finely decorated. The attractive balance bridge is easily visible and catches the eye. The case, movement, and bezel on some models are embellished with countless diamonds. Tourbillon watches and models with a minute repeater are some of the horological highlights of this collection.

Which Audemars Piguet Millenary Is Best for You?

Currently, the Millenary is available in three different sizes. The smallest is 39.5 mm and is intended primarily for women and those with thinner wrists. The 45 and 47-mm versions were made with men in mind. You have the choice of a stainless steel, platinum, or 18-karat white or pink gold case. The alligator leather straps are available in black, blue, dark grey, brown, beige, and white. The strap's clasp is made of either stainless steel or 18-karat gold. Diamond-set models come paired with straps featuring diamond-set clasps.
The stainless steel Millenary 4101 has been this collection's entry-level model since 2011. This watch is stripped down to the essentials: It simply displays the time. However, it is still beautifully decorated with Geneva stripes on the movement bridges and perlage on the main plate. Both are visible from the dial side.
A horological highlight from Audemars Piguet is their Millenary Minute Repeater. As its name suggests, the model has a minute repeater complication. It is powered by the in-house caliber 2928, which has an astounding 165-hour power reserve, equal to almost a full week. It also features a double balance spring and an escapement system developed by Audemars Piguet themselves. Together, these mechanisms ensure more efficiency and accuracy.
The Audemars Piguet Millenary is perfect for those looking for a unique wristwatch. Thanks to the elliptical case, skeletonized movement, and off-centered dial, this series distinguishes itself from the masses. With a Millenary on your wrist, you'll be sure to attract attention.
Model Size Material Power reserve Complications
Millenary Hand-Wound 39.5 mm White gold, pink gold 54 hours Small seconds
Millenary Tourbillon 45 mm White gold, pink gold 72 hours Tourbillon
Millenary 4101 47 mm Stainless steel, pink gold 60 hours Automatic, small seconds
Millenary Quadriennium 47 mm Pink gold 168 hours Quadriannual calendar, small seconds
Millenary Openworked 47 mm Pink gold 60 hours Automatic, small seconds
Millenary Minute Repeater 47 mm Pink gold 165 hours Minute repeater, small seconds

Audemars Piguet Millenary Prices

Pre-owned models with a date display at three o'clock can be purchased for around 4,000 euros. These models have a classic dial with a central hand display. New watches cost around 5,000 euros. As this model is no longer produced, the number of pre-owned timepieces for sale is quite large. You can get a good deal with this model. Older versions feature a chronograph function, perfect for anyone who wants to use their watch as a timer. A Millenary Chronograph can be purchased for around 6,000 euros pre-owned and 12,000 euros new.
Newer models with an off-centered dial and visible movement cost around 14,000 euros pre-owned and in very good condition. The case of the Millenary with caliber 4101 is made of stainless steel. Since these watches are still relatively new, there are few pre-owned pieces available. New, it costs around 15,000 euros. When it has a pink gold case, it costs 10,000 euros more.
If you want a Millenary with a tourbillon, then you should be prepared to spend over 100,000 euros. Pre-owned gold watches with a tourbillon cost around 140,000 euros. New platinum models cost over 200,000 euros. Variants set with diamonds can cost over 300,000 euros. The Millenary Minute Repeater, a wristwatch with a minute repeater, costs around 400,000 euros.

The Stainless Steel Millenary 4101

Audemars Piguet presented the Millenary 4101 in 2011. The "4101" in the name is a reference to the in-house caliber which powers it, the 4101. The Le Brassus-based manufacturer developed this caliber especially for the Millenary's elliptical case. The case and movement fit together perfectly. As the dial is on the right side of the watch, there is space on the left side to display the balance wheel and bridges, which are decorated with Geneva stripes. The watch has a sapphire glass case back, giving you a good look at the entire movement as well as the winding rotor. The rotor immediately catches the eye; it's engraved and made of solid 22-karat gold. The main plate is hand-engraved and decorated with perlage. The anthracite-colored bridges and plates create a contrast with the golden rotor.
The caliber 4101 consists of 284 pieces, 34 of them jewels. The balance wheel swings with a frequency of 28,800 alternations per hour (A/h). The winding rotor winds the barrel bidirectionally, and the power reserve reaches a maximum of 60 hours. This means you can easily switch out your Millenary for your Royal Oak when you go sailing or for a drive over the weekend. Then, on Monday, you can put your Millenary back on and it will be running perfectly. The Royal Oak also makes a perfect dress watch: At less than 10 mm thick, the sports watch is quite flat and fits under every shirt cuff.
The Millenary 4101 displays the time on the main dial, which takes up less than 50% of the complete dial. Roman numerals serve as hour markers, and the small seconds is located between seven and eight o'clock. The 15, 30, 45, and 60 on the subdial are written as Arabic numerals. With a diameter of 47 mm, this model is rather suited for men. A black alligator leather strap with a stainless steel clasp keeps the watch safely on your wrist.


Elliptical, mechanical in-house caliber 4101

60-hour power reserve

Intricately decorated movement is visible from both sides

Millenary Minute Repeater: The Top Model

The Millenary Minute Repeater is a horological highlight in the Millenary collection. A minute repeater is one of the most intricate complications available. This luxury watch's case is made of either 18-karat pink gold or titanium. An alligator leather strap keeps the 47-mm watch on your wrist. Due to the complicated construction of the minute repeater, the watch is 15.8 mm thick. It has attractive blued hands on the main dial and small seconds subdial. The alarm spring is blued as well, keeping in perfect harmony with the rest of the dial. The main dial is made of enamel and surrounded by a railway minute track. It also features Roman numerals as hour markers. The small seconds subdial and the balance wheel cut into the main dial at 7:30 and 9 o'clock.
The in-house caliber 2928 is something special. The manual movement has a 165-hour power reserve, equal to almost seven days. Three barrels provide the movement with energy. Two barrels are responsible for displaying time, while the third powers the minute repeater. The slide on the left side of the case starts the minute repeater. The complication tells you the time acoustically. Small hammers chime the hours, quarter hours, and minutes on the blued alarm spring. The balance wheel has a frequency of 21,600 A/h, or 3 Hz. The 2928 consists of a total 443 pieces, and it features a double balance spring and an escapement system developed by Audemars Piguet. Both features make the movement more efficient and precise.


  • In-house caliber 2928 with a 165-hour power reserve and minute repeater
  • Audemars Piguet escapement system
  • Titanium or 18-karat pink gold cases