Hublot King Power, Ref. 701.OE.0128.GR

Legendary Watch Brands: Hublot

Hublot have a very interesting history, albeit not as long as some of their peers. Nonetheless, you could say they’ve achieved big things in a relatively short period of time. In 1980 one Carlo Crocco, born into an Italian family of watchmakers, established his own company, MDM Geneva. He had one goal: create a watch […]

Universal Geneve Tricompax

Vintage Watches

Vintage watches are more popular than ever before. We are not talking about the people who wear watches they inherited from parents or grandparents (although they certainly belong to the category of vintage watches if made before 1990, some say 1980) but about the people who prefer – and buy – a vintage timepiece over […]

Wenn Uhrensammler zusammenkommen

Watch Collecting

Men like to collect stuff. If you don’t mind us generalizing a bit: Women might buy shoes and bags, but this is still different from men who collect vintage toys, trains, cars, fountain pens, comic books, or watches. To forget about the daily lives at the office, sitting under perfect 5000K artificial lights and looking […]


Legendary Watches: IWC Schaffhausen Portuguese

Utter the word “Portuguese” (Portugieser in German) amongst watch enthusiasts and sure enough the words “classic” and “timeless” will be thrown in there. Introduced in 1939, the Portuguese is one of IWC’s most iconic and popular timepieces, though what is interesting is how it came about. The watch was the result of two Portuguese businessmen, […]


Legendary Watches – Rolex Submariner

In 1953, Rolex could never have imagined the impact this watch would have on the world. Yes, the world. The Rolex Submariner is perhaps the most photographed, most filmed, most wanted, and most collected watch in the world. Whether you buy a vintage Rolex Submariner that you saw as a kid (or recently) in James […]