Vintage Panerai Radiomir

Vintage Military Watches

For individuals that choose to focus their collections on purpose-built, durable, and understated expressions of utilitarian craftsmanship, there is one class of watches that will always be a cut above the rest - vintage military watches. Rich with exciting, well-documented provenance, military timepieces have always … Continue reading



Masterpieces of watchmaking

Watch Forums: Sharing the Passion

Since there are basically forums and online communities for just about anything, there are of course also forums on watches. The best known forums are perhaps TimeZone and WatchUseek. They are the places you will probably end-up visiting first when you are doing research or when you want to ask something about a certain watch. […]

A. Lange & Söhne Datograph(1)

Exit Watch

The title of this article (“Exit Watch”) might confuse you a bit if you are not active in the online watch community. It basically refers to your final watch, your ultimate timepiece. If you have a collection of watches, an “Exit Watch” would be the one with which to end your ‘passion’. The Holy Grail, […]

IWC Schaffhausen Portofino Chronograph

Women Wearing Men’s Watches

It has happened before, and it will happen again. We live in a time where it seems to be cool for women to wear men’s stuff, whether it’s items of clothing or more recently, their timepieces. While it can be rather frustrating to want to wear that particular watch on a chosen day only to […]

Omega Seamaster Chronograph

Watch Guide: Water Resistance

Even in case you have no plans to wear your watch during diving trips, swimming in hotel pools, or during something more practical activities like washing your car or doing dishes, the water resistance of a watch is something to keep in mind when buying a watch. The fact that your watch or watch manual […]

Laurent Ferrier Gallet Traveller Blue Dial

Independent Watchmaking

The watch industry, on occasion, is a weird and yet wonderful place. There is an ever-growing group of watch collectors that now seek out the sublime pieces made by the smaller independent watchmaking brands. Of course, this is for good reason. You see, there are a huge number of large and famous watch manufacturers that […]