Rolex Daytona and Porsche

Rolex, a Porsche on your Wrist

I often hear people say, “Ugh, Rolex are so common” or “Everyone and their dog has a Rolex” and yes, while this may be quite true, could not the same thing be said of Porsche as well? They unwittingly share similarities that are quite obvious, but does this cheapen their products or values? I don’t […]


How to find the perfect (first) wristwatch

It might seem like an easy task to those who are not that much into watches. You go to a jeweler, get information from the sales person, make a decision and pay at the counter. However, we know better than that. You know better than that. It is a delicate question, and it might need […]

hand-wound watch movement

What makes watches valuable?

Today, when everyone has a phone with a time function in their pocket, somehow watches still have an appeal and stylishness that no quick glance at a phone screen can ever match. Watches are so much more than instruments for keeping time, and there is no danger that they will be forgotten any time soon. […]

Top-10-Uhren-XL-neuer (2)

Top 10 Watches: The Biggest Watch Icons

The terms ‘watch icons’ and ‘cult watches’ are used to refer to those timepieces that – most of the time – have been around for decades and gained a certain importance with regards to design or style. They are timeless classics that have only undergone slight changes over the years, most of which were in […]


Perpetual Calendar – eternity on your wrist

The Perpetual Calendar timepiece, a timepiece that has always fascinated me and this is not just because of its complexity but also because it is probably one of the most useful complications in watchmaking, not to mention just how charming it is to see it in action! Put simply, it is just a watch that […]

Watch type preview

“What your watch says about you”

Your watch says a lot about you. Do your wear a Rolex Submariner or a Patek Philippe Calatrava? Do you prefer a classic IWC Portuguese Chronograph or a Hublot Big Bang in red gold? Discover what watches say about their owners. Rolex The man who wears a Rolex knows he can do no wrong with a […]

Seiko Prospex

Top 10 Watches Under € 1,000

A € 1,000 for a watch is a lot of money. Although some of us are used to buy watches 5x that amount or even a multiple of that, € 1,000 is still more than the average amount spent on a watch, world wide. Actually, any watch above € 50 could be thought of as ‘luxury’. […]

Vintage Bell & Ross 126 Sport Heritage Chronograph

Chronographs – the most popular watch complication

Once in a while, there is a bit of discussion about whether the date feature is a real complication or not. In my opinion it is, so let’s say – or assume – that the chronograph is actually the most popular complication. Perhaps it is also the most useful mechanical complication, besides a date. Mechanical […]

Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

Watch Brands: Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin are world renowned for making fine and exquisite timepieces, though often I feel they get overlooked in favour of Patek Philippe or Audemars Piquet. But if you take a moment to consider the “Holy Trinity” of true Haute Horlogerie brands, you’ll find that Vacheron Constantin is one of them. Founded in 1755 by […]