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Seiko Velatura Chronograph
SRQ001 limited edition
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Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive
SRH005 Kinetic Direct Drive
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Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive
SRH011P1 / 5D44-0AE0 / Full Set
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Seiko Velatura Chronograph
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Seiko Velatura
[MINT] SEIKO Velatura Big Calendar 7T04-0AD0 SPC071P1 Men Watch From JAPAN X587
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Seiko Velatura Chronograph
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Seiko Velatura Chronograph
SRQ001J1 Chronograph Limited Edition Black Dial Automatic Gent's Watch
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Seiko Velatura
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Seiko Velatura
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Seiko Velatura
Quartz Steel 767210
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Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive
[MINT] SEIKO Velatura KINETIC 5D44-0AH0 SRH017P1 Men's Watch From JAPAN X635 JDM
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Made for the Water

The Seiko Velatura collection is dedicated to water sports, combining maritime designs with the latest technology. Models like the Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase 100th Anniversary are rare and highly coveted.


  • Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase 100th Anniversary
  • Hybrid movements with Kinetic technology and automatic calibers
  • Only 2,000 pieces: the Velatura Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition
  • All models water resistant to 100 m (10 bar)

The Ideal Companion for Sailing

Seiko is a manufacturer with a diverse product catalog. The Japanese company puts a lot of value on the development of sports watches. In doing so, Seiko takes the individual needs of the various sports into consideration. For example, Seiko worked with famous tennis player Novak Djokovic for the Astron collection. Seiko has expanded on its sporting expertise with the Velatura collection. This line focuses entirely on water sports. With water resistance up to 100 m (10 bar) and screw-down case backs, they are appropriate for any yachting trip and can also be worn while swimming without a problem.

Optically, the Seiko Velatura line fits into the maritime genre. The cases and dials are reminiscent of compasses. Guilloché dials resemble the movement of waves on the sea, and the losange hands are coated with Seiko's own luminous material, LumiBrite, underlining the sporty look of these watches. The cases of these men's and women's watches are made of stainless steel and are also available with gold plating. For the band, you can choose between rubber, leather, and stainless steel. These chronographs and three-handed watches are primarily powered by quartz movements. However, Seiko also offers versions with automatic movements or Kinetic technology.

How much do models from the Seiko Velatura collection cost?

Model Reference number Price (approx.) Movement type
Velatura Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition SRQ001J1 2,500 euros Automatic
Prospex Automatic Diver's SPB051J1 1,000 euros Automatic
Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase 100th Anniversary SRX010P1 970 euros Quartz with Kinetic Direct Drive
Velatura Chronograph SNDW58P1 630 euros Quartz
Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive SRH019P1 420 euros Quartz with Kinetic Direct Drive
Velatura SXDG12P1 410 euros Quartz
Velatura Chronograph SNAF41P1 350 euros Quartz

Detailed Price Information

The entry price for watches in the Velatura line begins around 350 euros. For this price, you can get a new Seiko Velatura Chronograph (SNAF41P1) with a stainless steel case and bracelet, for example. This 47-mm timepiece with the proven quartz caliber 7T62 features an alarm function on a subdial at 6 o'clock, which can also be used to show a second time zone. You can measure times up to 60 minutes in increments of 1/5 of a second. A subdial at 12 o'clock displays how many minutes have passed. Minute markers have replaced the hour markers, and you can find the Seiko and collection inscriptions at 3 o'clock. The dial of the GMT watch is blue and protected by scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The fixed bezel is also blue.

A sportier-looking variant in the same size would be the Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive (SRH019P1) with a rubber strap and stainless steel case. This model is driven by a Kinetic caliber, which charges using kinetic energy. However, it can also be powered manually by turning the crown. A practical power reserve display split between months, weeks, and days sits between 7 and 11 o'clock. After setting it down, you can know in advance how much longer this Kinetic watch will keep ticking without being recharged. The date display of this model is at 6 o'clock, and the crescent-shaped day display is between 3 and 6 o'clock. You can buy this men's watch in mint condition for around 420 euros.

If you're looking for a sporty diving watch, take a closer look at the Seiko Prospex collection. The Prospex Automatic Diver's (SPB051J1) model has an automatic movement with a power reserve of over 50 hours and is water resistant to 200 m (20 bar). Both the case and bracelet are made of stainless steel and are combined with a black dial. Unworn versions cost about 1,000 euros.

The Seiko Velatura for Female Yachting Enthusiasts

The Velatura line also includes women's watches. An especially elegant three-handed model is the Seiko Velatura (SXDG12P1) with a brown leather strap and 33-mm stainless steel case refined with rose gold plating. The indices on the dark brown dial are also rose gold colored and mark the hours alongside diamonds. At 12 and 6 o'clock, you will find Roman numerals. Since this luxury watch's classically elegant features overwhelm its sporty elements, it can be worn as the ideal dress watch for an exclusive night on the yacht. You can get this women's watch with a quartz movement in fine condition for around 410 euros.

If you prefer a chronograph, perhaps you will like the bicolor Seiko Velatura Chronograph (SNDW59P1). At 40 mm, this watch is quite large for women, but its quartz caliber 7T92 makes it possible to measure times up to 12 hours in increments of 1/20 of a second. In doing so, the subdial at 6 o'clock shows how many hours have elapsed while the seconds can be determined using a subdial at 12 o'clock. In addition, you can find a small-seconds dial at 9 o'clock on the white dial, which feels especially feminine combined with the silver and rose gold colored stainless steel case. Plan to spend about 630 euros on new models.

In-House Movement 8R28: Velatura Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition

Only 2,000 examples were produced of the Seiko Velatura Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition (SRQ001J1) worldwide. The automatic movement 8R28 ticks in these chronographs and is in no way inferior to the famous chronograph caliber Valjoux 7750. The three-pointed hammer makes it possible to reset the chronograph hand instantly and synchronously. Furthermore, vertical coupling guarantees that the stopwatch's hand moves smoothly. The stainless steel case is combined with a bezel coated in a black PVD layer (Physical Vapor Deposition). Physical Vapor Deposition describes the layering process in which the starting material transforms into a gas-like state with the help of laser beams or other methods. Then, it is combined with the target material. The middle link of the stainless steel bracelet is coated in a matching black polyurethane. The listing price of these luxury watches is around 2,500 euros.

Like the Night Sky: the Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase 100th Anniversary

An especially coveted model is the Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase 100th Anniversary (SRX010P1). It was launched by Seiko in 2007, and was only in production until December 2013, making it rare and difficult to find. With a dark blue dial and leather strap, this watch evokes an image of a night sky over the open sea. The 46-mm stainless steel case with gold plating in combination with the dark blue bezel creates a coherent appearance. At 12 o'clock, you will find the moon phase indicator, while the combined day and 24-hour display can be found at 6 o'clock. The charge state of the one-month power reserve is on display between 7 and 10 o'clock. According to the listing price, the Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase costs 970 euros, though its rarity has driven the prices up to four figures.

How does Seiko's Kinetic technology work?

Seiko is known for developing new technologies and does so in unconventional ways. Seiko's hybrid movement with Kinetic technology takes the best qualities from quartz and automatic movements and charges them using kinetic energy. A capacitor or, in newer models, a lithium-ion battery stores the energy. Instead of a balance wheel, a quartz crystal generates the impulses in watches with Kinetic. It achieves a high level of accuracy with its frequency of 32,768 Hz. Further development of Kinetic Direct Drive make it possible to charge the watch by twisting the crown. In terms of functionality, models with Kinetic Direct Drive are similar to automatic watches with manual winding capabilities. However, these watches are quartz watches by definition.