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NOMOS Tangomat Ruthenium

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NOMOS Tangomat Ruthenium: Ahead of Its Time

Strikingly different yet quintessentially NOMOS. The Tangomat Ruthenium - named for the velvety black metal used on the dial - is a watch of contradictions that ticks to the beat of its own drum.

Opposites Attract: NOMOS Tangomat Ruthenium

Proof that sometimes opposites do attract. The NOMOS Ruthenium pairs traditional watchmaking with innovative technology, and modern design with a timeless aesthetic.

Narrow, rhodium-plated hands point to even Bauhaus numerals and slender, polished indices. The galvanized dial has been coated with ruthenium - a metal in the platinum group that turns a deep black. Add to this the decentralized seconds at 6 o’clock, and the NOMOS Tangomat Ruthenium is the perfect play of light and dark. Easily read at a glance, this watch is ideal for those who need to keep their eye on the time.

NOMOS Tangomat Ruthenium: Werkbund at Heart

The Tangomat Ruthenium is often described as Bauhaus. However, that’s not quite the whole story. NOMOS is a member of the Deutsche Werkbund, a precursor to the Bauhaus movement. The Werkbund is a collective of artists, designers, and engineers committed to the production of quality commercial products that are built to last. It’s a badge of honor for NOMOS, and something that sets their wristwatches apart from all other manufacturers.

The values of Werkbund can be seen in the high finish on the stainless steel case, the well sized lugs and the crisp legibility of the dial. This is where form meets functions. To finish: Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan leather. These watchstraps are imported direct from the world-renowned leatherworkers in Chicago. Durable, water-resistant, and breathable, the straps of the NOMOS Ruthenium give new meaning to the perfect fit.

NOMOS Caliber ε (Epsilon)

Epsilon was the first automatic caliber produced by NOMOS. In fact, it’s the movement that won NOMOS Glashütte the title of official caliber manufacturer in 2005. So, naturally it’s a company favorite. Now, thanks to the sapphire crystal placed in the back, each owner of the Tangomat Ruthenium can appreciate the Epsilon, too.

Few products around the world are as regulated as Glashütte watches. In order for a watchmaker to bare the Glashütte name, it must adhere to a strict set of standards. In particular, it must produce more than 50% of its components in-house. NOMOS goes above and beyond. With between 75 and 90% of their components constructed entirely in their workshop, NOMOS has raised the bar in this quiet watchmaking town.

From drafting and designing the movement, milling the plates and bluing the screws, to applying Glashütte sunburst and ribbing. NOMOS craftsmen have mastered the techniques that make this town world famous, and NOMOS wristwatches the best they can be.