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“What your watch says about you”

By Oliver Siegle
"What your watch says about you"- infographic
"What your watch says about you"- infographic

Your watch says a lot about you. Do your wear a Rolex Submariner or a Patek Philippe Calatrava? Do you prefer a classic IWC Portuguese Chronograph or a Hublot Big Bang in red gold? Discover what watches say about their owners.


The man who wears a Rolex knows he can do no wrong with a watch from this legendary brand. When you’ve achieved something in life, then you can reward yourself with something expensive. He wants a watch that looks as good with his suit as with his swim trunk on the beach.

He allows himself nice things like a luxury car, clothing from trendy labels and fantastic holidays. However, it’s also important to him that his watch is a good investment. Despite all the shiny things, above all he is prudent and doesn’t like any unnecessary experimentation. He likes to eat at restaurants he knows, and the same is true when he chooses a watch – he likes to know what he’s getting.

Patek Philippe

When you see a gentleman sporting a Patek Philippe watch, then you can confidently ascertain that he drives a big Mercedes and an old Jaguar (or vice-versa) and has been an avid newspaper reader since he was 16.

The expert Bordeaux connoisseur earns his not so meagre income in a very serious profession. In order to satisfy his perfectionism, he is very disciplined in his routine and expects the same high standard from those around him. Nevertheless, he can be a very pleasant and funny conversationalist and party guest – if you’ve scheduled with him in advance.


Those who wear the cult watches from Panerai are former hipsters who probably master(ed) the best skateboard tricks and now escape from their jobs in an ad agency to the world’s most buzzing urban scenes on the weekends. As a big fan of Wes Anderson films and Bill Murray, these days this former hipster rebels quietly with an unkempt appearance and Eames chairs at the dining table.


The Breitling wearer understands good business and started early with it. During his school years, he was already selling printed T-shirts and several hard-to-find products. Shortly thereafter it progressed to a modest company – used cars with lots of horsepower, mobile phones or opening a small gym.

He has a dominant personality and announces his sometimes changing viewpoints at a volume everyone can hear. When it comes to food and leisure, he falls back on time-honoured concepts like burgers and fries, spaghetti bolognese, football and Hollywood action films.


The veritable watches from Jaeger-LeCoultre send a message from the wrists of the last gentlemen who honour tradition and technical perfection. These educated wearers maintain a distinct style that is distinguished by attention to quality. That’s why they very consciously chose this watch.

Without a need to impress, these accomplished bon viveurs use their reliability and humour to draw people in. Even their bourgeois clothes fit the mould.


Sporting a brand logo… It has a whole new meaning when you spot someone wearing a Hublot  luxury watch.

These mid-50ish jet setters are dressed in polo shirts bearing conspicuous brand names à la La Martina and the like. Opulent belts from Louis Vuitton girdle the girthy waistlines of these relaxed men of independent means, and the long, thin hair gives these human billboards the final touch. But watch out: there’s a young generation of these guys, too. You’ll recognise them by their presumptuous grins, tattoos on their muscular arms, and their penchant for lively champagne parties. You only live once, right?

IWC Schaffhausen

An IWC luxury watch is a favourite companion of the family man who dreams of big adventures, but sometimes enjoys exhilarating hobbies like mountain biking and scuba diving. Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. would have liked this big-city SUV driver.

Unfortunately, he has to deal with the living and often chooses these according to one criterion: they must wear an IWC watch. In a group of watch collectors, he unceremoniously takes centre stage and those on the outside can tell – yeah, he’s a nice guy.

TAG Heuer

It’s always a pleasure seeing adrenaline junkies with their exuberant facial expressions. Fans of Tag Heuer overcome their limits. Even if it’s just a stroll through the neighbour’s garden to get to their own HD TV.

With hooded shirts and a cap bearing the TAG Heuer logo, these price-conscious watch wearers watch car racing and space expeditions on pay-per-view and don’t need much else. There’s enough that can go wrong when grilling.

Richard Mille

When you discover a watch from Richard Mille on his wrist, then you’ll know: he is a visionary. A visionary that straddles the line between genius and insanity and enjoys taking the occasional detour. No matter which side of the line he toes, this stylish watch wearer goes 100% his own way, making him seem eccentric and obsessive in his environment.

Money isn’t the goal, but rather a means to an end. And this means is quite plentiful.

F. P. Journe

The British aristocracy and F. P. Journe watch fans have one thing in common. They’d rather fiddle about than toil away – at first glance, at least. These grandfatherly types, who’ve aged incredibly well, look like former cycling athletes or hair models.

Heck, they’d pass as psychologists with their calming, introspective look. These clean-cut blokes play down their wealth, preferring a cashmere pullover to a suit. You feel as if you’ve stumbled over a porcelain vase of friendliness, but that’s how nobility is.

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