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Unsung Heroes: Discovering Overlooked Tactical Timepieces

By Kristian Haagen

When it comes to pilot’s or tactical watches, the mind often leaps to IWC’s iconic Big Pilot or Casio’s impressive lineup of G-Shock aviation and survival-inspired timepieces. But in the world of watches designed for the adventurous among us, IWC and Casio are far from the sole contenders catering to pilots, underwater explorers, and desk divers alike.

What are tactical watches?

Tactical watches are typically constructed from rugged materials such as stainless steel, titanium, or reinforced plastics. They are built to withstand harsh conditions, including shocks, water, and extreme temperatures.
While many of us may not require the full extent of the features they offer, there’s an undeniable allure surrounding military-inspired watches, often called tactical timepieces. And yet, it’s surprising how many exceptional watches in this category remain hidden from view, quietly awaiting discovery.
That’s precisely why we’ve set out to unveil these unsung heroes – timepieces that may not always grab the spotlight, but possess unwavering dependability, even when faced with the harshest of conditions.

Hanhart 417 ES

More than six decades ago, the Hanhart 417 ES etched its name into the history books as the first pilot’s chronograph to serve the German armed forces. Today, it seamlessly melds enduring design with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. The result? A rugged chronograph with a rich heritage, prepared to be your faithful companion in both everyday life and during thrilling adventures.

Durable, dependable, and readable: the Hanhart Pioneer 417 ES
Durable, dependable, and highly legible: the Hanhart Pioneer 417 ES

Returning to the essence of their most renowned chronograph, Hanhart have unveiled the new 417 ES 1954, which retains the original case size of 39 mm.
The design of Hanhart’s historic 417, the pioneering pilot’s chronograph for the newly formed German armed forces, was driven by three core principles: durability, dependability, and legibility. Hanhart proudly supplied the Bundeswehr with the model for nearly a decade until the brand shifted its focus to crafting handheld stopwatches in 1963.
Today, surviving specimens of the iconic 417 have matured into highly sought-after vintage chronographs for discerning collectors.

Luminox Navy SEAL

In 1994, Luminox unveiled the Original Navy SEAL watch, a timepiece that would leave an enduring imprint on the brand’s heritage.
This iconic watch’s narrative was written as a collaborative effort between Luminox and Nick North, the Chief Procurement Officer for the US Navy SEALs. Together, they embarked on a mission to craft a timepiece that was purpose-built for the SEALs.
Their endeavor culminated in the birth of the Original 3000, a watch celebrated for its unmatched lightweight design and unwavering durability – a combination that swiftly elevated it to the preferred choice of the Navy SEALs.

Luminox Navy SEAL
Luminox Navy SEAL

Still today, Luminox take immense pride in being chosen to design and supply timepieces for one of the world’s most elite and esteemed special forces units, the Navy SEALs.


For watch connoisseurs with refined tastes and a penchant for pilot watches, the Sinn EZM 10 TESTAF stands unrivaled. This remarkable timepiece seamlessly unites cutting-edge technology – exemplified by the exceptional SZ01 chronograph movement – with an exceptionally legible dial and hands, all housed in a lightweight and durable titanium shell.

Sinn is known for their sturdy and durable watches.
Sinn are known for their sturdy and durable watches like this Sinn EZM 3.

What truly distinguishes the EZM 10, however, is its independent certification, adhering to the TESTAF (Technischer Standard Fliegeruhren) standard, a strict German benchmark for professional pilot watches.

The 42-mm Sinn EZM 10 TESTAF is a testament to the pinnacle of achievement in mechanical pilot’s watches. It boasts a 24-hour subdial, a central 60-minute chronograph counter, and a case infused with argon gas to safeguard against internal humidity. It is the premier choice for pilots who demand nothing but the finest.

Bulova Mil Ships

In the late 1950s, Bulova created a series of prototype diver’s watches intended for the US military. However, owing to technical challenges and a shift in focus toward perfecting the Accutron, these prototypes never progressed to serial production and were never distributed to service members. Instead, the US Navy embraced the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms.
Fast-forward to 2020, and Bulova resurrected this exceedingly rare model as a notable addition to their expanding collection of vintage-inspired timepieces. Encased in a 41-mm sandblasted steel housing, it offers an impressive water resistance of to 200 m (656 ft) and accommodates an automatic caliber with a robust 41-hour power reserve.

Bulova Mil Ships
Bulova Mil Ships

The vintage-style dial features cathedral hands, luminous hour markers, and a moisture indicator – an uncommon safety feature in contemporary dive watches – effectively capturing the essence of a bygone era.

Tutima M2 Chronograph

Since its introduction in 1984, the Tutima NATO chronograph has served as the designated service watch for German Army pilots, earning it a reputation for its steadfast functionality and impeccable reliability worldwide.

Tutima Military Chronograph
Tutima Military Chronograph

With the debut of the M2, Tutima embarked to continue and expand upon this enduring legacy. Their unwavering dedication to excellence has led to numerous improvements, catering to the needs of both professional users and individuals leading active, sporty lifestyles.
The M2 boasts an automatic chronograph movement, featuring an antique gray rotor with a gold seal, 25 jewels, and polished screws. When fully wound, it offers a power reserve of 48 hours.

Porsche Design Chronograph 1 Utility

In the late 1970s, Porsche Design introduced a revolutionary 38-mm stainless steel Military Chronograph. Celebrated for its dependability, comfort, and aviation-friendly matte-black PVD coating, it captured the hearts of international air forces, including the US Air Force.
Now, after four decades, Porsche Design are resurrecting this legend with significant enhancements.
The new Chronograph 1 Utility – Limited Edition incorporates Porsche Design’s patented titanium carbide, representing the best in durability and scratch resistance. The historic tritium has been replaced with blue Super-LumiNova for superior readability in low-light conditions.
Featuring the Porsche Design caliber WERK 01.240, this new model adds precision and a flyback function for consecutive timing.
The design pays homage to the original, and the inclusion of the “Mankei” icon is a nod to the collaboration with F.A.T. International. The Chronograph 1 Utility – Limited Edition expertly blends tradition and innovation, presenting a trustworthy and stylish companion for outdoor enthusiasts.
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