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Top 5 Women’s Watches Under $3,000

Bert Buijsrogge
Jan 30, 2019
Top 5 Women's Watches Under $3,000


Women’s watches tend to take a back seat to the men’s market. While the majority of our audience is male, there are still plenty of women out there with a deep passion for wristwatches!

In my personal opinion, I don’t think a women’s watch needs to have bright colors and diamonds all over. Several iconic watches attract both a male and female audience thanks to their versatile sizes. My girlfriend regularly wears my Omega Seamaster—a watch typically thought of as for men. Here are a few suggestions for anyone looking for the perfect women’s watch.


Cartier Santos


One watch that looks great on any wrist is the Cartier Santos. This truly iconic watch comes in many sizes and variations, making it the perfect choice for both men and women. It’s been my sister’s favorite watch for many years, and I don’t see her replacing it anytime soon. The fact that its design dates back to 1905 and has hardly changed over the years pretty much says it all.


Nomos Orion


After visiting their headquarters in Glashütte, Germany, I left NOMOS with a good impression. Located in the center of town in an old train station, they make great mechanical watches at relatively affordable prices. While I may not personally like all of their designs, I definitely appreciate what they do and their great value for money. My favorite design of theirs is that of the NOMOS Orion and the shape of its lugs. This elegant timepiece is clean and well-balanced and comes in three sizes: 33, 38, and 41 mm.


Omega Seamaster



While my partner regularly borrows my modern Seamaster, there are quite a few vintage Omega Seamaster models out there. There’s something for every taste, ranging from the downright sporty to beautifully classic. You can also choose from a range of movement types: automatic, manual, or quartz. The Omega Seamaster has a lot to offer and does so on a modest budget.


Rolex Lady-Datejust

There’s not a time I can remember when my mother wasn’t wearing her Rolex Lady-Datejust. This small gold-and-steel watch had a champagne dial and was perfect for every occasion. She never took it off, not even when she was gardening. While it may be a bit too small for some, it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for something on the feminine side. Plus, you can never go wrong with a Rolex. Unlike their exclusive sports watches, Rolex Datejust models are widely available and comparatively affordable since their prices tend to remain stable over time.


 Tudor Black Bay


Tudor was once considered “the poor man’s Rolex;” however, today they have an impressive catalog worthy of any watch collection. Their true success began with the launch of the 39-mm Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight and the 36-mm Black Bay 36 series. These great watches take the company’s tradition and give it a modern twist. When I first saw the 39-mm version at Baselworld, it instantly became my favorite version of the Black Bay. The size of this sporty watch makes it a great option for both men and women. The two watches are largely similar but for the rotating bezel on the 39-mm model. The smaller watch has a smooth steel bezel instead. Wearing it on a NATO or leather strap makes the watch lighter and potentially more comfortable.

The best thing about a pre-owned watch is its history. Some people try to keep their valued timepieces in pristine condition, but a bit of wear and tear can help make a watch unique. In the end, watches are meant to be worn, and that’s how they’re best enjoyed.


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Bert Buijsrogge
By Bert Buijsrogge
Jan 30, 2019
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