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Time to Follow: 5 Instagram Accounts Worthy of Your Attention

Pascal Gehrlein
Jan 10, 2019
Time to Follow


Inspiration, information, and entertainment – Instagram certainly makes it hard to put down your smartphone. Our authors regularly search the platform for accounts making a splash – purely for research purposes, of course! With images of rare watches, the wardrobes of well-dressed gentlemen, nearly forgotten classic cars, and brilliant photography all around – we’ve come across five different accounts worthy of your attention.



For fans of classic wrist shots, this Scottish gentleman’s account is perfect. He skillfully showcases models from Seiko, Doxa, Hamilton, and Tudor. The matte look of the pictures gives his feed a harmonious look. While perusing, you might want to enjoy a glass of Scottish whiskey and listen to the accompanying podcast (link found in the profile). Cheers!




Fashion enthusiasts will appreciate this inspiring account, which offers everything from classic British style to modern streetwear. No wonder this gentleman is one of the most sought-after male models today. He is currently the face of a campaign presenting the new Omega Seamaster 300M. But if you look closer, you’ll also spot other watches on his wrist, such as a Bicolor Datejust.




Instagram is naturally the ideal place for photographers to present their work. This adventure and lifestyle photographer from Germany takes his followers to snow-covered forests and mountain passages throughout Europe. There’s something for the Defender community as well because the Land Rover fits perfectly in these landscape shots and further underscores their atmospheric tone. The account definitely makes you want to go on an adventure of your own!




It’s all about the details, as this watch enthusiast proves in a particularly entertaining way. Almost every shot contains something in addition to the watch: a little accessory that brings a smile to the viewer’s face. For example, the Omega Speedy Tuesday Ultraman is pictured with an Ultraman action figure, and various Speedmaster models are guarded by LEGO stormtroopers. You won’t find many standard wrist shots here!




For many Instagram junkies, this photographer’s profile is no longer a secret. From New York to Stockholm and Tokyo, viewing the metropolitan dynamic through his lens often makes you want to book a flight immediately. While you make up your mind about where to go, browse this feed for a virtual world tour. You’ll learn a thing or two about photography while you’re at it.



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Pascal Gehrlein
By Pascal Gehrlein
Jan 10, 2019
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