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The Perfect Three-Watch Collection Under $10,000 and the Next Chrono24 Giveaway

By Donato Andrioli
Watch Collection 10k
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It’s time for another giveaway! This time, one lucky winner will receive a $10,000 voucher to put toward their watch collection. Check out the video to learn how you can participate. Before entering, please also read the conditions of participation in the video description. Good luck!

What does the perfect three-watch collection for under $10,000 look like? Which watches should it feature, and what boxes should it tick? I took a shot at assembling a three-piece collection that would offer plenty of variety on a budget of under $10,000. I ultimately decided on an iconic everyday watch, a dressy vintage timepiece for special occasions, and an “anytime, anywhere” watch. Read on to see which models I’m talking about. Enjoy! 

The Everyday Watch: The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

If you’re into watches, you’ve probably heard the following sentence: “The Speedmaster professional is an absolute must for every watch collection.” Whether that’s really the case or not is something every watch collector will have to decide for themselves. However, that doesn’t mean that the Speedmaster isn’t a great choice if you’re looking for the perfect everyday watch on your wrist. Its timeless, iconic design and history are something no other watch can offer. The Speedmaster was, after all, the first watch on the Moon, and as the official watch of NASA astronauts, has been on countless, amazing adventures in outer space. 
The great thing about the Speedmaster is the wide selection you’ll find with them. You can choose between various modern and older references. There are plexiglass models offering their iconic, original look, as well as versions a bit more suitable for everyday wear that feature sapphire crystal. You’ll find just about all of the Speedmaster Professional references for under $7,000. You’ll then have to decide whether you’d like your “Speedy” on a stainless steel bracelet or leather or NATO strap. But beware: This choice can be a tough one because just about no other watch out there is as versatile as Omega’s legendary chronograph. 

Iconic look and an amazing history. The Speedmaster Professional is a true watch legend.
Iconic look and an amazing history. The Speedmaster Professional is a true watch legend.

The Dress Watch: The Omega Seamaster De Ville

The Omega Seamaster De Ville is not only an elegant, reserved dress watch for fine occasions but also a great timepiece for everyone looking to take their first steps into the vintage market. The selection of models available for under $2,000 is enormous. There are so many different dial versions available, and you can choose between models with or without a date complication. These watches’ histories basically make every Seamaster a one-of-a-kind timepiece. The unique patina that develops over time on the dial and hands will turn your watch into something special, just for you. I would personally select a model with a date complication. You’ll see why in a second because the third watch in our $10,000 collection is a no-date, minimalist, no-nonsense icon. 

The perfect watch for special occasions: The Omega Seamaster De Ville
The perfect watch for special occasions: The Omega Seamaster De Ville

My “Beater Watch:” The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

So we’ve got the Speedmaster Professional as our collection’s main attraction and selected a vintage dress watch for special occasions. These two Omegas basically used up our entire budget. It’s not the worst news, though, as you don’t always have to spend a lot to get a great watch – especially when it’s tough and reliable and one you don’t have to handle with velvet gloves. You can find the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical for well under $1,000, and for that price, you’ll be getting a true icon with a long, storied history as a military watch. Its 38-mm case is a great fit for just about every wrist, and its “tool-y” feel goes well with a leather strap. I, however, think the Khaki Field Mechanical looks best on a stylish NATO strap. We are, after all, talking about a “beater watch,” as some folks like to call it – the “anything, anywhere” timepiece. It’s a watch you never have to worry about and that will never let you down. That’s why the perfect three-watch collection is not complete without it. 

The "anytime, anywhere" watch: The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical
The “anytime, anywhere” watch: The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

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