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Our Top Three Dress Watches to Wear for the Holidays

By Hyla Bauer

Cartier Tank

Whether you’re going to an office cocktail party or an all-out black-tie affair, accessorizing with the right watch is key to finishing off your dressed-up look. Chunky watches are great for wearing on the sea or the slopes, but when it’s time to get gussied up, a more refined watch is the way to go.

Finding Your Perfect Dress Watch

What actually constitutes a dress watch? Besides being handsome and elegant, a dress watch should be thin enough to slip under a shirt cuff with ease. A large watch that protrudes out from under a cuff is going to look awkward. You don’t want to be tugging at your sleeve all night at your next holiday soirée, do you?

An elegant watch can come in a variety of shapes; the key vibe you’re looking for is sleek subtlety. The watch should be understated and classic enough for decades of wear. With very few exceptions, dress watches should be on a leather or alligator strap, not a bracelet. Look for watches with smooth metal cases in gold, platinum, or steel. A simple dial is best, but it’s OK to bring out your complicated timepiece with all its bells and whistles as long as it fits under your cuff.

Let’s take a look at three prime examples of dress watches here on Chrono24. You’ll see that there is plenty to choose from in a variety of shapes. If you’re going black-tie, the strap must be black, never brown, to coordinate with your tuxedo.

Favorite Dress Watch #1: The Rolex Cellini

Rolex’s Cellini collection offers a multitude of options in all colors of gold. The watches are slim, yet decidedly masculine. Go for a dial color in silver, white, or black in the watch’s signature round case. Cellini timepieces are crafted with the same quality standards that Rolex is known for and will last for decades, both from a style and reliability standpoint.

The Rolex Cellini

Favorite Dress Watch #2: The Cartier Tank

Cartier’s Tank watches are another winner for the holidays and beyond. The Cartier Tank’s rectangular case shape is crisp and refined. And don’t let the name fool you. While the watch line’s shapewas originally inspired by a Renault army tank back in 1917, it’s come a long way in the past 100-plus years. Remember to go for a slim form when selecting from this timeless, classic collection. And if you fall in love with a brown-strap Cartier Tank on Chrono24, it’s no problem to take a quick trip to a local jewelry shop to swap it onto a black band.

The Cartier Tank

Favorite Dress Watch #3: The IWC Portugieser

IWC’s Portugieser collection offers a great selection of versatile and refined dress watches. Not too dressy for a daytime suit or blazer, Portugieser timepieces are a perfect fit for a discerning watch enthusiast on the town. IWC has been a flourishing brand as of late and has been producing top-quality watches since 1868. An IWC Portugieser is understated and refined, without compromising its strong masculine vibe.

The IWC Portugieser

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