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How to sell your watch on Chrono24

Oliver Siegle
May 18, 2017
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Oliver Siegle
May 18, 2017


Dear Chrono24 Users,

The following video shows you how to list your watch for sale on our platform:


Here are five additional tips to help you sell your watch:

  • Make sure your watch can be found

First and foremost, if a potential buyer can’t find your watch, he or she can’t buy it. It may sound simple, but it’s important to take your time and make sure you add all the necessary information to your ad. You should not only include the brand name and model, but also the dial color, diameter (without crown), and functions (date display, chronograph, etc.).

Once your ad is reviewed by our customer service team and live on the site, try searching for your watch and see if it’s easy to find.

  • Your watch needs to look good

We can’t stress this enough, if you want to sell your watch for a good price, your photos need to reflect its value. The photos on your ad should be good quality and not blurry. The watch should be shown from different angles and any accessories like the box and papers should also be featured in the images.

Display the watch on a neutral, non-reflective background, and take the photos up close so the viewer can see both the whole watch and the details of the dial.


Omega Seamaster, Image: David Heitz


  • Set a realistic price

Your price shouldn’t be too high, but don’t undervalue your watch either. Look at what other sellers are asking for the same model, but make sure to compare your watch with pieces in a similar condition. Also take accessories like the box and papers and the country of origin into consideration. These factors all impact prices.

Keep in mind that professional dealers usually get higher prices than private sellers.

  • Choose a Premium listing

Premium ads are positioned more prominently in search results on Chrono24 and allow you to upload six additional pictures, meaning you get to show more of your watch to potential buyers. This may get more people interested, meaning you could sell your watch faster and potentially for a higher price.

  • Be a patient seller

If you want to sell one of the most popular models like a Rolex Submariner, you will likely find a buyer on Chrono24 in no time. If your watch is more obscure, however, it may take a bit longer to receive your first request.

Don’t rush – you can often negotiate a better price and be more confident in achieving the price you want if you take your time.


Sell your watch now on Chrono24.

Do you have any questions? Contact us here


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