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An Unusual Love Story: Swiss Luxury Watches and Smart Technology

By Jorg Weppelink
Frédérique Constant Constant Analytics teaser
Frédérique Constant Constant Analytics, Imagen: Frédérique Constant

There are only a few brands within the traditional watch industry that are willing and able to evolve with the rapid changes taking place in today’s technological world. Most brands opt to stick to their traditional trade of developing and producing high-quality mechanical watches. One of the few traditional watch brands that has integrated technology in creative ways is Geneva-based Frédérique Constant.

Frédérique Constant is well known for offering affordable luxury watches and they’ve recently introduced technological innovations that put them one step ahead of many competitors. These innovations include the Frédérique Constant Analytics, Frédérique Constant E-Strap, and Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch.

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Frédérique Constant Analytics: Measuring Accuracy

Analytics tool
Analytics tool, Image: Frédérique Constant

Accuracy is obviously an important trait with mechanical watches, but emotional ties to a brand or a specific story behind a watch make the connection to a timepiece much more special. Though even if you love your watch because it belonged to your grandfather, you purchased it in celebration of your child’s birth, or because James Bond wore it in “Dr. No,” “From Russia with Love,” and “Goldfinger,” you still want to know if it’s accurate. Up until recently, the only person that could check a watch’s accuracy was a watchmaker. However, the new Frédérique Constant Analytics app allows you to measure the accuracy of your own mechanical watch – and that at a comparably low cost and very efficiently.

Frédérique Constant Analytics offers you the opportunity to check the status of your watch in real time. Placing the Analytics Clip on your watch and launching the Analytics app will give you an instant view of the precision of your mechanical watch with an accuracy of ±0.2 s/day. The app shows you the beat of the watch in real time and results are plotted on a chart so you can keep track of the performance of your watch over time.

Frédérique Constant Constant Analytics app
Frédérique Constant Constant Analytics app, Image: Frédérique Constant

Why exactly is this important? First and foremost, it provides insight on the performance of your watch so you’ll know when to have it serviced. In the long run, you are able to see your watch’s performance over time and compare it to other watches. Lastly, it adds an extra layer of emotion to the relationship you have with your watch. In some ways, it’s similar to a car that you drive for years, taking care of every last detail to make sure things are running smoothly. All that attention adds to the personal connection you build with your car or watch.

Frédérique Constant and partner SwissConnect have thought through the practicalities of the system. You can track the performance of multiple watches on the same app and you can connect the device to almost any mechanical watch. Analytics supports a wide range of frequencies, covering almost any mechanical watch available on the market. All data is stored in the SwissConnect cloud.

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Frédérique Constant E-Strap

Frédérique Constant E-Strap
Frédérique Constant E-Strap, Image: Frédérique Constant

Another smart innovation is the Frédérique Constant E-Strap, which was introduced this year at Baselworld. The strap can add functions to the watch(es) you already own. The E-Strap is a tiny buckle extension that’s hidden by the rest of the leather strap so you hardly notice it’s there. It’s available in 20-mm and 22-mm sizes and comes in black, blue, and two shades of brown with a stainless steel, rose gold-plated, or gold-plated buckle. The E-Strap is compatible with a phone app available for download. The app displays your activity levels during the day and your sleep at night.

The main goal of having a smartwatch is to gain insight on your sleep and movements patterns over time. Seeing your daily activity levels can help adjust your behaviours and support you in leading a healthier life. If you are a mechanical watch enthusiast, but would still like to track your activity throughout the day and night, you could end up wearing a device on each wrist. That is where the E-Strap comes in handy as it can be used with any mechanical watch and it doesn’t detract from the aesthetic of the watch. The E-Strap adds a set of growing features to your existing mechanical watch without compromising the qualities that led you to choose your mechanical watch in the first place. Delivery of this clever tool will begin in June.

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Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch

Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch
Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch, Image: Frédérique Constant

The first step Frédérique Constant made in smart technology was the Horological Smartwatch that was introduced in 2015. It’s a classic-looking Frédérique Constant watch that offers all the features of a smartwatch. From monitoring activity and sleep, to coaching and timing while you run, the Horological Smartwatch can do it all via a connection to your mobile phone.

The Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch offers you the quality craftsmanship of a Swiss manufacturer and most of the technological features of today’s smartwatches. The second version of the watch was recently introduced with updated dial layouts.

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Connectivity and data are becoming increasingly important to our everyday lives. That’s where Frédérique Constant offers something new in the world of traditional watches. The Horological Smartwatch will likely be seen as an alternative to other smartwatches rather than a replacement of a mechanical watch, however, innovations like the E-Strap could unite the two worlds. Someone who loves traditional mechanical watches, but wants smartwatch functionality, may be glad that he or she doesn’t have to wear a second device.

Introducing smart technology to new audiences could be the key to success in the long run. By offering solutions for both the traditional watch owner and the smartwatch owner, Frédérique Constant is able to reach a wider range of consumers than the traditional watch brands. Their focus will likely remain fine mechanical timepieces with traditional designs, but adding the benefits of modern technology in an unobtrusive way is a clever approach. This may very well take Frédérique Constant to the next level within the watch industry.

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