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101 Reasons why watches are great – Part 1
Watches can be a great conversation starter

Oliver Siegle
Jul 26, 2018
Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday
Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday


In this series, we will be describing what makes mechanical watches so fascinating. Each entry will focus on one particular aspect. These brief anecdotes and reflections will show just what these ticking masterpieces mean to us.


I can’t even remember how often I had an interesting talk, because of a watch on either somebody else’s wrist or on mine. It may sound a bit strange, but I’ve had those conversations at parties, in restaurants, grocery stores and even at the administrative office while waiting to file for a new passport. It usually starts with a compliment for a watch, then the pro’s and con’s of other watches are pondered and if the situation allows you wander from watches to cars to life in general and then back to watches.

It doesn’t happen every day that I see something really interesting but it’s fascinating to look around what timepieces the people around you are wearing. I’ve come upon several IWC Big Pilots, a few vintage Heuers, plenty of Rolexes and Omega Speedmasters, some Royal Oaks and even an FP Journe once.



No matter if it’s just an exchange of a few words or if the discussion about racing chronographs from the 70’s lasts three bottles of wine, it’s almost always great fun to meet a likeminded watch fan.


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Oliver Siegle
By Oliver Siegle
Jul 26, 2018
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