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Selling a Watch

Five helpful tips for selling your watch:

Make sure your watch can be found

First things first: If a potential buyer can't find your watch, they also can't buy it. It may sound obvious, but it's extremely important to take the time and make sure your ad has all the necessary information. You shouldn't just include the brand and model, but also details like the dial color, diameter (not including the crown), and other functions (e.g., date display, chronograph, etc.).

As soon as your ad has been checked by our support team and is online, try searching for your watch to see how easily you can find it.

Your watch has to look good

We can't stress enough how important it is for your photos to reflect the value of the watch if you want to get a good price for it. They should be of the highest possible quality. Posting blurry pictures is not advisable. You should also take photos of the watch from different angles and show any other components like the original box and papers.

It's best to choose a neutral, non-reflective background and to take close-ups so potential buyers can see both the whole watch and the details on the dial.

Set a realistic price

While the price shouldn't be too high, it's also important not to undersell your watch. Use other sellers from your country who are selling the same model as a guide. However, make sure that their watches are in a similar condition. Also, don't forget to consider any add-ons like the original box and papers when setting the price. All of these factors affect the price.

Keep in mind that professional dealers usually get higher prices than private sellers. This is because commercial dealers provide warranties after the sale is made.

Select the Premium package

Premium ads receive a more prominent position in the search results on Chrono24. They also allow you to upload six additional photos to show potential buyers more of your watch. The more people interested in your watch, the greater the likelihood of selling your watch more quickly and for a better price.

Be patient

If you want to sell a popular model like the Rolex Submariner, you will most likely find a buyer on Chrono24 in almost no time at all. However, if your watch is a lesser known model, it can take a little while before you get your first request.

Don't be in a rush! Stay optimistic and bide your time. Skillful negotiation often results in better prices.

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