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Father Time

Make Every Moment Count

I’ve been here a while—before man had thought of any calendar or sundial, and long before the tick of the first clock. In fact, I’ve been here for every moment ever experienced.

I know what makes the perfect moment timeless—every great victory, adventure, or moment of inspiration—it’s the perfect watch.

Let me show you a few of my secrets,

Father Time

Join Father Time as he ventures through a few of his favorite moments in time.

Moments of Victory

Time has never shone so bright. There’s a promise of hope lingering in the air. You can smell it, taste it, even wear it. It’s an age and style of progress—it’s timeless.

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Moments of Adventure

The era is breaking with tradition. There’s a shift toward liberation and self-expression. It’s the beginning of personal style. Icons are being born that will last forever.

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Moments of Inspiration

It’s much more than just style. It’s about being bold and unforgettable. We’re radically departing from the past and making a statement—a statement that will stand the test of time.

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