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Waltham Watch Company

160 years of pioneering horology by Waltham

Waltham, was created by three visionary founders: Aaron L. Dennison, Edward Howard and
David Davis. Pursuing a proud tradition of uncompromising precision, quality and
luxury Waltham continues to produce models synonymous with prestige and

Founded in 1850 in Roxbury, Massachusetts, the company that introduced a breakthrough
manufacturing method based on interchangeable parts so accurate that they enabled mass
production of accurate, high-quality watch movements, moved to the nearby town of
Waltham in 1854 after which it was to be named. Its achievements were soon recognised by
professionals and the public alike, and the firm won the first ever gold medal in a watch
timing competition held at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition in 1876. Waltham also
launched the first pocket-watch meeting the high demands of the American railroads, for
which punctuality was naturally of vital importance: the Crescent Street model. During the
golden age of railways, there were more Waltham watches in use around the world than all
the other brands combined. National companies on all five continents chose Waltham after a
lengthy process of comparison, selection and rigorous testing.

The impressive performances of Waltham watches, even in extreme conditions, naturally also
predestined them to accompany a number of pioneering achievements in other fields.
Waltham 8-day clocks were part of onboard equipment on the record-breaking transatlantic
and transpacific flights of Charles Lindbergh at the controls of the legendary Spirit of St.
Louis, and Charles Kingsford Smith, aboard the Southern Cross; a Waltham watch famously
served as a navigational aid for Robert Peary in reaching the geographical North Pole; while
Sir Ernest Schackleton's British Antarctic Expedition in 1907 demonstrated the reliability of
these timepieces in even the harshest conditions.

Aesthetic beauty and fine craftsmanship

In addition to these undeniable technical assets of accuracy and dependability, Waltham
watches have always epitomised aesthetic beauty and fine craftsmanship, twin qualities that
make them much-coveted collector's items to this day.

Since relocating to Switzerland in 1954, a century after its founding, as a means of drawing
upon Swiss technology maintaining its trademark high quality, Waltham has remained
determined to use only the finest movements.

Waltham's current success is firmly grounded on its fundamental ability to interpret timeless
designs through bold contemporary styling, as well as a subtle blend of traditional skills and
sophisticated technologies.


Waltham Watch Company

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6850 Mendrisio

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