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Guangzhou SEKIN Watch Industry Co., Ltd.

Shijin , founded in 2015. Engaged in luxury online sales, physical stores, recycling consignment and other services, providing customers with luxury goods appraisal, maintenance, repair, and transactions. Headquartered in Shanghai Covering jewelry, gold and silver jewelry, handicrafts and other commodity categories, as well as watch sales, maintenance, repair, luggage maintenance, recycling and consignment sales, import and export of goods and other business brand concepts: "create value, win-win cooperation" The positioning and original intention of the company's establishment is to be an upstream enterprise in the domestic luxury goods circulation field. Shijin has been moving in this direction for many years. At present, the company's business is distributed all over the country, and there are operating stores in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. The company is a member of the China Luxury Association, a member of the China Watch and Clock Association, and a member of the Central South Pawnshop Association. It has successfully hosted the luxury international watch fair and 20 China Shanghai international watch fairs. Shijin Famous Products integrates the essence of international luxury consumer goods culture into the company's operation, showing a distinctive and unique style.


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Guangzhou SEKIN Watch Industry Co., Ltd.

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