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Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe

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Period: 9/20/18 4:00 PM to 9/30/18 4:00 PM

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Starting now, you can follow exciting auctions from start to finish and win that piece you've had your eye on. Chrono24's first auction will feature a special selection of vintage luxury watches from our dealers. Explore the items on offer and discover extraordinary timepieces from renowned brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe.

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What is the minimum price?
A watch's minimum price is specified by the seller before the auction begins. The highest bid must reach or exceed this price for the watch to be won. If the minimum price is not reached, the auction is considered unsuccessful and the watch will remain in possession of the seller.
Why does the remaining time increase right before the end of an auction?
If a bid is placed shortly before an auction is set to end, the remaining time increases by 30 seconds. This continues until no further bids are placed and the time runs out.
How can I participate in an auction?
Participation in Chrono24 auctions requires a user account and a complete profile. Register for free here.
I just won a watch at auction. What's next?
Congratulations on your new watch! After the auction, you will transfer the total price to an escrow account and then the seller will send you the watch. You will receive more payment information in an email after the auction.
Does it cost anything to participate in an auction?
No. When you bid on a watch, there are no additional costs or fees. However, please note that all bids are binding: If you are the highest bidder at the end of a successful auction, you are required to pay the entire sum (bid + shipping costs).
Are auctions on Chrono24 safe?

Items won at auction are paid for via the proven Chrono24 Trusted Checkout process. You transfer the sum to an escrow account, and then the seller will send you the watch. We don't send any money to the seller until you have confirmed receipt of the watch.

You can learn more about Buyer Protection here.

Why do the watch offers have different currencies?
You can only place a bid in the seller's currency. However, you can also see a conversion of that amount in your own currency.
What is the estimated price?
The estimated price is based on our assessment of the watch's value and is displayed as a range of prices.
How can I contact the seller of a watch?
Click on the button "Contact seller" on the auction page to send them a message.
How do I place a bid?
Before you can place a bid, you must be logged in and have a complete profile on Chrono24. On the auction page, you will find a drop-down menu next to the watch. You can choose your bid from this menu. You are not required to select the lowest possible bid and can select a higher amount.
Who is my contract partner?
Your contract partner is always the watch's seller.

You can find more information about purchasing items via Chrono24 here:

I'm interested in a listing from abroad. What should I take into consideration and what fees apply?
The price displayed is set by the seller. You may incur additional costs, such as customs fees, taxes, or shipping and insurance fees.

For the exact price and the costs involved, please contact the seller. The seller will be able to tell you if the delivery service will handle any customs issues. Please contact your local customs authority if you have any questions regarding customs laws in your country.

Watch purchases are duty-free within the European Union. However, when importing a watch into the EU from a third country (the United States, for example), you will incur a customs fee and import sales taxes. Please contact your customs authority for more information.
To what extent does Chrono24 check their dealers?
Every dealer on Chrono24 has their identity and integrity thoroughly reviewed during the registration process. This includes information such as their trade license as well as references from other dealers. There is also a constant flow of customer feedback via reviews.