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Rolex DAY-DATE 40 Rose Gold President Chocolate Roman Dial Rolex DAY-DATE 40 Rose Gold President Chocolate Roman Dial

Rolex Chocolate: Luxury Watches with a Chocolate Brown Dial

A Rolex Chocolate can be identified by its chocolate colored dial. Most of the watches are made of Rolex's 18-karat Everose gold. Read on to learn more about the different models available, their prices, and the famous men who have worn them.

Rolex Chocolate Highlights

  • Brown dial nicknamed the chocolate dial
  • Popular Chocolate models: Rolex Daytona, Rolex Datejust, Rolex Day-Date
  • 18-karat pink gold or bicolor stainless steel and pink gold
  • Rolex women's watches with diamonds

What is a Rolex Chocolate watch?

When you hear the words Rolex Chocolate, you may think of Swiss chocolate. The Geneva-based manufacturer Rolex does indeed produce their own pralines, though their main business remains luxury watches. Some of these are timepieces with chocolate-colored dials, nicknamed the chocolate dial. Some of the most coveted Rolex Chocolate models are the Cosmograph Daytona, the Day-Date, and the Datejust. The Sky-Dweller and the Yacht-Master also have versions with a brown dial. Most Chocolate watches are made of 18-karat Everose gold, Rolex's in-house gold alloy. There are also bicolor models made of steel and gold Rolesor available. Some of the women's watches have dials set with diamonds, giving them a more feminine look when compared to Rolex's other sports watches.

How much does a Rolex Chocolate cost?

Most Rolex Chocolate models are made of Everose gold and thus are more expensive than stainless steel models. The prices range from around 5,000 euros for a bicolor model to around 60,000 euros for a pink gold, diamond-set timepiece. Read on to learn the most important information about Rolex Chocolate prices and features.
Model Features Price
Rolex Sky-Dweller GMT function, 72-hour power reserve, 18-karat Everose gold Starting at 28,000 euros
Rolex Daytona Chronograph, 72-hour power reserve, 18-karat Everose gold Starting at 21,000 euros
Rolex Yacht-Master Date display with Cyclops lens, stainless steel and Everose gold, bidirectional rotatable bezel Starting at 11,000 euros
Rolex Day-Date Date display with Cyclops lens, date display, 18-karat Everose gold, some set with diamonds Starting at 16,000 euros
Rolex Datejust Date display with Cyclops lens, 18-karat Everose gold or stainless steel and Everose gold, some set with diamonds Starting at 8,300 euros

Rolex Chocolate Daytona Chronograph

When speaking of a Rolex Chocolate, one often first thinks of a Daytona with a brown dial. The Cosmograph Daytona is one of Rolex's most beloved watches. The manufacturer introduced this chronograph in 1963. Back then, the wristwatch with a stopwatch function was a slow seller, and Rolex ended up producing very few. Daytona timepieces from the 1960s are thus quite rare. Special vintage versions of this model are in such high demand that they can sell for hundreds of thousands of euros. One of the most popular vintage Daytonas is the Paul Newman. This chronograph can be identified by its "exotic dial." This is either a black or white dial with contrasting subdials and borders. It also features numbers in an Art Deco style on the subdials. You should be prepared to spend around 100,000 euros for a Paul Newman Rolex.
The Rolex Chocolate Daytona is substantially more affordable. The case of this model is made of 18-karat Everose gold. The dial is chocolate colored with black Arabic numerals as hour markers. Normally, Rolex uses luminous indices on the Daytona which glow in the dark. Currently, the Daytona Chocolate is available with a three-link, Everose gold Oyster strap and with the black Oysterflex strap. The Oysterflex strap is a titanium bracelet covered in elastomer and is also used with the Yacht-Master. Chocolate Daytonas are also available with a black leather strap, giving the timepiece an even classier look.
Pink gold models with an Oyster strap have an Everose gold bezel, unlike the models with a leather or Oysterflex strap. The other versions have a bezel made of Cerachrom, Rolex's own ceramic alloy. An engraved tachymeter scale allows you to measure speed. Like every other Daytona since 2000, the in-house caliber 4130 with a chronograph function powers this timepiece. The movement is chronometer-certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). The caliber 4130 deviates a maximum of +/- 2 seconds from the proper time each day. The power reserve lasts a remarkable 72 hours.
A pre-owned Rolex Chocolate Daytona in very good condition is available for around 19,000 euros. This version comes with a black leather strap. New models only cost a few thousand euros more at 21,000 euros. With a pink gold bracelet, pre-owned Chocolate Daytonas cost around 24,000 euros. New, you should be prepared to spend around 25,000 euros. Pre-owned versions with an Oysterflex strap are currently rare and very difficult to find. New, one costs around 26,000 euros.

Rolex Chocolate Datejust: A Classic with Date Display

The Datejust is a classic Rolex watch. The Genevan manufacturer first introduced the model in 1945. The Datejust is one of the first automatic chronometers with a date display. Distinctive features of this watch include its ruffled bezel and Cyclops lens over the date display. The watch is available in countless versions and different sizes, ranging from a 28-mm ladies' platinum watch with diamonds to a 41-mm gold version. One of the most famous wearers of the Datejust is former US President Eisenhower.
The Datejust is also available as a Rolex Chocolate. The variety of watches with a chocolate dial is large, meaning there's a timepiece for every taste. There are both ladies' and men's watches. A pre-owned, diamond-set bicolor model with a 36-mm diameter costs around 4,000 euros. A new stainless steel and Everose gold version costs about 8,300 euros. If you want an 18-karat pink gold Chocolate Datejust, you should plan to spend at least 20,000 euros. Diamond indices and a diamond-set bezel on the women's version raises the price to around 29,000 euros.

Rolex Chocolate Day-Date: The Wristwatch of the Influential

The Rolex Day-Date has been telling the time, date, and full day of the week since 1956. It was the first wristwatch that offered this function. To this day, the Day-Date is only available in gold or platinum. In the past, the watch enthralled those with power and influence. Famous wearers include Fidel Castro and investor Warren Buffett.
A 36-mm Rolex Chocolate Day-Date costs around 16,000 euros. Thanks to its size, its suitable for both men and women. With a solid gold President bracelet, a pre-owned Chocolate Day-Date in good condition costs at least 19,000 euros. The President bracelet is a three-link bracelet made of precious metal. It was developed for the Day-Date collection and has semicircular links. With a case diameter of 40 mm, this Rolex Chocolate costs around 28,000 euros.

Rolex Chocolate Yacht-Master: The Sports Watch for Captains

With its name, the Yacht-Master reveals its target audience: lovers of watersports and skippers who prefer to steer their yachts with a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master on their wrists. The classic models in this collection have case diameters of 37 or 40 mm. The newer Yacht-Master II, a regatta chronograph, is one of the largest watches offered by Rolex, measuring in at 44 mm in diameter. The Rolex Chocolate Yacht-Master is currently only available as a bicolor model made of stainless steel and pink gold, called Rolesor. Other variants are made of 18-karat Everose gold or the exclusive material Rolesium, a combination of stainless steel and platinum. The caliber 3135 powers the current 40-mm watches, while the smaller caliber 2236 powers the 37-mm versions. Both calibers are certified chronometers.
The Yacht-Master's design is reminiscent of the world famous diving watch Submariner. Both models have a date display at three o'clock with the characteristic Rolex Cyclops lens. However, unlike the Submariner, the Yacht-Master is only waterproof to 100 m (10 bar). However, that's more than enough when you're jumping into the water from your boat. The Submariner is waterproof to 300 m (30 bar). Another difference is the Yacht-Master's bidirectional rotatable bezel which you can use as a timer. On a diving watch like the Rolex Submariner, the bezel can only be turned counterclockwise. This mechanism is to ensure safety while diving: You can't accidentally turn the bezel and increase your dive time, you can only shorten it. The Rolex Chocolate Yacht-Master has an 18-karat Everose gold bezel. The numerals and markers are raised and polished. The bezel, on the other hand, has a matte finish.
A Rolex Chocolate Yacht-Master is available pre-owned in very good condition for around 10,000 euros. New models cost more, usually around 11,000 euros.

Rolex Chocolate Sky-Dweller: A Complicated Masterpiece

The Sky-Dweller is one of the most complex watches that Rolex has ever developed. The manufacturer presented this wristwatch with a GMT function in 2012. Like the GMT-Master, one of the most famous wristwatches with a second time zone display, the Sky-Dweller displays two time zones at once. The local time is displayed using the three normal hands. When you change time zones, you can easily change the hour hand in one-hour increments forward or backward using the crown. The second time zone, which can display a time zone such as your home time, displays the time via an additional 24-hour ring. A red triangle points to the time back home. The 24-hour scale ensures you'll only need one glance to tell if it's day or night.
The Rolex Chocolate Sky-Dweller has a 42-mm pink gold case. You have the choice between a brown alligator leather strap and an Everose gold Oyster strap with polished middle links. This gives it a more elegant look than the Oyster straps used with the Submariner and Sea-Dweller. These diving watches feature satinized links. The leather strap has a very refined look and goes well with a classic outfit. A folding Oysterclasp keeps the watch securely on your wrist.
Since the Rolex Chocolate Sky-Dweller has only been available for a few years, there are few pre-owned versions available. Models in very good condition with an alligator leather strap cost around 24,000 euros. New Chocolate Sky-Dweller models cost around 28,000 euros. For a pre-owned version with an Oyster strap made of Everose gold, you should be prepared to spend at least 30,000 euros. New, the watch costs around 33,000 euros.