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Nomos Glashutte Metro Neomatik 1106 Nomos Glashutte Metro Neomatik 1106

Nomos Neomatik: Ultra-Thin Automatic Watches

The watches in the Nomos Neomatik series are especially thin thanks to the in-house automatic caliber DUW 3001. These timepieces' designs range from simple and elegant to youthful and fresh. Read on to discover the different models in this series.


  • In-house automatic caliber DUW 3001 with small seconds
  • One of the thinnest movements of its kind: Only 3.2 mm
  • Variety of designs ranging from a simple dress watch to a bright red sports watch
  • Popular models: Tangente Neomatik, Metro Neomatik, Orion Neomatik

How much do the Nomos Neomatik watches cost?

There are many different versions of the Nomos Neomatik with a variety of dial colors available. The in-house caliber DUW 3001, an extremely flat automatic caliber, powers every model. "DUW" stands for "Deutsche Uhrwerke," German for German caliber. With a thickness of only 3.2 mm, the DUW 3002 is one of the flattest automatic calibers produced in a series in the world. The case diameter for watches with these calibers ranges between 35 and 37 mm. Only the Tetra Neomatik breaks tradition, with the case of this square automatic watch measuring 33 mm x 33 mm.
Their flat and rather small cases make Nomos Neomatik timepieces ideal dress watches. Above all, the versions with midnight blue dials are very elegant and refined. However, even the versions with white, silver-plated dials are suitable for the office. The champagne-colored dials have a somewhat more feminine feel to them, making them the ideal Nomos ladies' watches. Every Nomos Neomatik has a see-through case back made of sapphire glass. This allows you to admire the automatic movement with its blued screws and Glashütte stripes at work. Read on to learn which models are powered by the DUW 3001 and how much they cost.
Model Dial colors Price
Tangente Neomatik White, champagne, midnight blue Starting at 2,400 euros
Metro Neomatik White, champagne, midnight blue Starting at 2,700 euros
Orion Neomatik White, champagne Starting at 2,500 euros
Minimatik White, champagne, midnight blue Starting at 2,500 euros
Ludwig Neomatik White, champagne Starting at 2,400 euros
Tetra Neomatik White, midnight blue Starting at 2,600 euros
Ahoi Neomatik White, Atlantic blue, siren blue, siren red Starting at 3,100 euros
Club Neomatik White, Atlantic blue, siren blue, siren red Starting at 2,400 euros

Nomos Neomatik Tangente: The Classic with a New Caliber

The Tangente is the most successful model from the German watch manufacturer Nomos Glashütte. It's been telling lovers of simple watches the time since 1992. Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, and Roger Moore, an English actor well-known for playing James Bond, both wore this model. The Tangente's design was inspired by the Bauhaus movement, which originated in a German art school in the early 20th century.
The Tangente has been available with a manual movement since the early 1990s and since 2005, with an automatic movement as well. The automatic model is known as the Tangomat. In 2015, Nomos premiered the ultra-thin automatic DUW 3001 movement, which powers the Tangente Neomatik. Since the movement is so thin, the entire watch is only 6.9 mm thick. It has a diameter of 35 mm and the dial is available in white, champagne, and midnight blue. Light blue accents on the dial edge give the watch a fresh look. The Tangente was a part of the Nomos Neomatik 1st Edition.
You can purchase a new Tangente Neomatik for around 2,400 euros. Seeing as all Nomos Neomatik models are still relatively new, there are few pre-owned watches available. However, a pre-owned manual Tangente with a small seconds costs around 800 euros. New, you should be ready to pay about 1,200 euros for this Nomos classic.
The price of a new Tangomat watch, the automatic version of the 38-mm Tangente, is around 2,000 euros. The price rises by about 300 euros for the version with a date display at six o'clock. If you want a Tangomat with a GMT function, you should be prepared to spend around 2,900 euros.

Nomos Neomatik Metro: The Metropolitan Wristwatch

The Metro is perfect for city dwellers. The Berlin-based designer Mark Braun devised the look of this stylish timepiece. It has a thin bezel and a simple dial with circles serving as hour and minute markers. The Metro has won many design awards since its release in 2014. There are Metro watches powered by the manual calibers Alpha, DUW 4401, and DUW 4101. The DUW 4401 and 4101 both feature a date display at six o'clock and the swing system developed by Nomos. The system consists of a balance wheel, balance spring, pallet fork, and escape wheel, and is the beating heart of a mechanical watch. The Metro is also a part of the Nomos Neomatik series. The Metro Neomatik is only 8.06 mm thick and has a diameter of 35 mm.
You have the choice of a white, champagne, midnight blue, or ruthenium black dial. The black watches are only powered by manual calibers and the midnight blue version is only available as a Metro Neomatik.
You can purchase a new Nomos Metro Neomatik starting for around 2,700 euros. New 38-mm Metro timepieces with the manual caliber Alpha cost about 2,000 euros. Watches with a date display are in a similar price range. The Metro powered by caliber DUW 4401 costs around 2,200 euros. This model has a power reserve display and a date display. At 37-mm, its size is in between the Neomatik and the 38-mm version.

Nomos Neomatik Orion: The UFO Timepiece

The Orion is the favorite model of Nomos employees; many of the designers sport this lens-shaped watch. When viewed from the side, the timepiece resembles a UFO due to its domed sapphire glass and round case. The Orion's dial design was purposefully kept simple. Thin baton indices, together with slim hands, display the time, and the dial is available in white, champagne, anthracite, or rosé. The rosé version has a feminine touch and is the ideal Nomos women's watch. With case sizes available in 33 mm or 35 mm, the rosé versions look good on thinner wrists, too.
The Nomos Orion Neomatik is 36 mm in diameter and is thus well-suited as a unisex model for men and women. It's available with either a champagne-colored dial and calfskin strap or a white dial with a Cordovan leather strap. The Orion Neomatik costs around 2,500 euros when new, and a pre-owned Orion powered by the manual caliber Alpha starts at around 1,000 euros. Pre-owned 33-mm women's watches from this collection are also in this price range. The caliber Alpha powers these small timepieces. New manual models cost start at around 1,300 euros.

Nomos Neomatik Minimatik: Small Yet Powerful

The Minimatik is one of the ten models that belongs to the limited Nomos Neomatik 1st Edition. The first Minimatik models were powered by the DUW 3001 and were available with a white or champagne-colored version. The white watches feature cyan blue dots as minute indices and red hour, minute, and small seconds hands, while the champagne-colored versions have minute indices in neon orange. The Minimatik is now also available as a particularly elegant version with a midnight blue dial.
At the moment, there are few pre-owned Minimatik watches on the market, seeing as the watch is still quite new. You should be prepared to spend around 2,500 euros on a new Minimatik.

Nomos Neomatik Tetra: A Square for Your Wrist

The Tetra stands out from the other Nomos watches with its unique case: It's the only Nomos watch that isn't round. Instead, the Tetra is a square, measuring 33 mm x 33 mm. The automatic version in the Neomatik collection is the largest Tetra watch. All other models are powered by manual calibers and measure either 27 mm x 27 mm or 29.5 mm x 29.5 mm. Due to its size, the Tetra is well-suited for thinner women's wrists.
The Nomos Tetra Neomatik is available with a white or midnight blue dial and paired with a Cordovan leather strap. A new square Nomos Neomatik costs around 2,600 euros.

Nomos Neomatik Ludwig: A Classic Gentleman's Dress Watch

The Ludwig is the most traditional Nomos watch. Every watch in this series has Roman numerals as hour indices. The minute track on the edge of the dial resembles a railway track, another classic design element. The super-thin Ludwig models are powered by either manual or automatic calibers. The Ludwig Neomatik is one of the newest additions to the collection and like every Nomos Neomatik, is powered by the automatic DUW 3001. The Neomatik version is available in white or champagne. The white version has thin black hour and minute hands and a red seconds hand for the decentralized seconds at six o'clock, while the champagne-colored version features rhodium hands.
The price for a new Nomos Neomatik Ludwig is around 2,400 euros. Older automatic watches from the Ludwig series are powered by the Nomos Epsilon caliber; the 31-mm movement fits easily inside the 40-mm case. The Ludwig Neomatik with a diameter of 36 mm is significantly smaller. The new Ludwig Automaik costs around 2,000 euros; with a date display, it costs around 2,400 euros.

Nomos Neomatik Ahoi: A Simple, Sporty Watch

The Ahoi is Nomos's sportiest watch. Its dial resembles the Tangomat. Thanks to its crown protection and luminous hour and minute hands, the Ahoi has a sportier feel than most other Nomos watches. Furthermore, it's waterproof to 200 m (20 bar), so you can go swimming without worries. The standard version has a diameter of 40 mm, making it significantly larger than the Ahoi from the Neomatik collection, which has a diameter of only 36.3 mm. At a thickness of only 9.55 mm, the Neomatik Ahoi is also comfortably flat for a sports watch. The timepiece comes with a light gray textile strap.
You have the choice between a white, Atlantic blue, siren blue, or siren red dial. The siren blue and siren red dials pop more, giving the watch a youthful touch. The Atlantic blue version, on the other hand, is more refined and goes well with a suit. A Nomos Neomatik Ahoi costs around 3,100 euros. A normal, automatic Ahoi costs less; 2,400 euros for a new timepiece and 2,100 euros for a pre-owned one.

Nomos Neomatik Club: The Youthful Timepiece

The Club isn't a sports watch per se. However, it's much sportier than most Nomos watches. With its fresh yet simple design, the timepiece appeals to a younger audience. The Campus models, introduced in 2017, were made with high schoolers and university students, ready to be gifted their first watch from their parents, in mind.
The Nomos Neomatik Club, like the Ahoi, is available with a fabric strap that emphasizes the watch's sporty feel. The Club Neomatik is available with an Atlantic blue, siren blue, siren red, or white dial. With a diameter of 37 mm, it's one of the largest Nomos Neomatik watches. New, it costs around 2,400 euros. The Club Campus is available new for less than 1,000 euros. Like the standard version, the Campus is powered by the manual Alpha caliber.

Nomos Neomatik Caliber DUW 3001

The automatic caliber DUW 3001 powers every Nomos Neomatik. This caliber's main feature is its thickness; at only 3.2 mm, it's incredibly thin. The manufacturer claims it's one of the thinnest automatic movements produced in a series in the world. The diameter of the in-house caliber is 28.8 mm and it's incredibly precise and efficient. Nomos regulates the DUW 3001 in six positions. The swing system, developed by Nomos themselves, ensures the watch's precision. Of course, the movement has the characteristic Glashütte features, such as blued screws, a three-quarter plate, and stripes. The movement has a power reserve lasting 42 hours. The rotor winds the mainspring, which stores the energy in the watch, bidirectionally. This results in the watch being fully wound more quickly.