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Victorinox Swiss Army Victorinox  Airboss 241621 Victorinox Swiss Army Victorinox Airboss 241621

Victorinox Swiss Army brings military precision to timekeeping

Although perhaps more famous for the blades they make, Victorinox Swiss Army watches are finely crafted precision pieces, incorporating all of Switzerland's fine horological traditions. Based in the Swiss Canton of Schwyz, the origins of the Victorinox company dates back to 1884, when it was founded by Karl Elsener. Their distinctive name came about when his mother died in 1909. Her name was Victoria, while the French for stainless steel is 'acier inoxydable'. Elsener added the 'inox' to his mother's name and a famous brand was born. Its famous logo of a Swiss cross in a shield has become globally recognized since then.

Victorinox Swiss Army has supplied multi-purpose pocket knives to the Swiss Army since 1891. Its brand strength was improved in 2005 when it acquired another Swiss company, Wenger, who were the other main producers of knives for the Swiss Army. Both brands have been kept extant.
The Victorinox Swiss Army logo has been awarded to a whole range of products that the company manufactures in recent years, including luggage, clothing, writing implements and even USB drives for computers, as well as its watches. It also still provides bayonets to Switzerland's military forces. With this reputation for precision metal work and high quality, there is little wonder that Victorinox Swiss Army watches have become much sought after items in recent years.

Victorinox Swiss Army watches - Companions for life

Victorinox Swiss Army divides their range of timepieces into four evocative categories, reflecting the influences various activities have exerted on their development. These categories are Professional, Classic and Active. The company also produces a range of Limited Edition items, usually special pieces designed for exclusive collectors.
The Alpnach Power Gauge is one of these limited edition models, with its internal works consisting of a mechanical self-winding movement, the Valjoux 7750. This mechanism is also decorated with limited edition work on the movement itself. The Côtes-de-Genève and the Victorinox Swiss Army logo are inscribed on the oscillating mass, while blue screws hold it all together, completing its exclusive look. It is also water resistant to a depth of 100 meters.
One of the finest timepieces in the Victorinox Swiss Army Professional range is the ChronoPro Mechanical. This excellent watch has a simple and timeless black and steel design, with a leather strap. Powered by a mechanical, self-winding movement, this is a watch for someone whose appreciation is keen for basic things done to an excellent standard.
The ST-500 falls into Victorinox Swiss Army's Active range, and is an item which comes with an impressive range of additional, and highly practical, features. Its unique pusher means that the wearer can access two different modes: compass and pathfinder. It also has a locator so that it can be found in the dark. Its lightweight titanium case and rubber strap mean that this is a watch very much in the Victorinox Swiss Army tradition; it is practical, made to the highest standards of Swiss precision, and is rugged enough to withstand even the toughest tests of environment.