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Tissot Couturier Ladies Watch Automatic With Diamomd Markers... Tissot Couturier Ladies Watch Automatic With Diamomd Markers... $699

Tissot Couturier: The Ideal Dress Watch

The watches in Tissot's Couturier collection are ideal, classic dress watches. The series encompasses everything from simple three-hand models with date or day/date display to chronographs.


  • Classic men's collection which goes with suits perfectly
  • Multiple functions: Day/date, GMT, chronograph
  • Mainly stainless steel, some with rose or yellow gold coating
  • Leather strap or stainless steel bracelet
  • Affordable prices starting at 250 euros

Inspired by the Fashion World

Tissot's designers took inspiration from the world of fashion for their Couturier series, a part of the T-Classic collection. The series' name speaks to its origins, as the French word couturier means "fashion designer." Tissot's goal with this series is captured by these words: high-quality dress watches at affordable prices. The men's watches in this series combine classic designs with functionality. The chronographs are useful for those who'd like a stopwatch function, while versions with GMT functions are practical for those who travel often and want to keep track of two time zones. Other versions with day/date displays call to mind the first wristwatch with a day of the week display at 12 o'clock, the Rolex Day-Date. These Rolex watches are available exclusively in gold or platinum, putting them in the five-figure range, while a Tissot with a day/date display costs around 500 euros.

Tissot Couturier: The Choice is Yours

If you regularly wear a suit and are looking for an affordable dress watch, then Tissot's Couturier is the perfect choice for you. Its subtlety and quality are reflected in its classic, elegant design, and rose or yellow gold coating increase the value of some models. Simple three-hand models with date display and quartz movements are available starting at around 250 euros, and chronographs powered by quartz calibers only cost about 100 euros more. Mechanical versions of the watches are a bit more expensive: Mechanical watches with day/date displays and 80-hour power reserves are in the 500 euro range. Normally, watches with such an impressive power reserve cost over 1,000 euros. Automatic chronographs in this series start at 650 euros. Versions with rose gold-coated cases are a few hundred euros more at around 1,000 euros.
The Couturier series is comparable to the Les Classiques collection from the Swiss manufacturer Maurice Lacroix. Simple three-hand models are available starting at 600 euros. The automatic chronographs, however, cost over 1,000 euros. Quartz movements power versions with day/date display and cost between 400 and 500 euros.

Buying Tips

  • Affordable dress watches starting at 250 euros
  • Precise quartz and automatic movements
  • Automatic calibers with power reserves of up to 80 hours
  • Bicolor models and cases with rose gold coating
  • Functions: Day/date display, second time zone, or chronograph

The Top Automatic Couturier Models

Automatic calibers from the ébauche manufacturer ETA power the most high-quality versions of the Couturier watches. Like Tissot, ETA is also a member of the Swatch Group. The caliber 2834-2 ticks away inside the three-hand models with day/date display. It has a power reserve of 42 hours, and shows the day of the week at 12 o'clock and the date at six o'clock. The heart of the movement, the balance wheel, runs at a frequency of 4 Hz, equating to 28,800 alternations per hour (A/h), which is typical for mechanical watches. Newer models are already using the Powermatic 80 caliber which is based on the ETA C07.111. The movement has an 80-hour power reserve, impressive for a watch in this price range. This means you could take your watch off after work on Friday and put it on again on Monday morning and have it still running smoothly.
Visually, the three-hand models stand out thanks to their classic elements. Tapered hands and stick indices tell the time, while clean black or silver dials make everything easy to read. Since the hands are luminous, you can even read the time in the dark. The silver borders surrounding the day and date windows are real eye-catchers, too. The slight curvature of the displays fits in seamlessly with the rest of the dial. The strap is available either in stainless steel or leather. The leather strap comes in two versions, either with a crocodile pattern or orange stitching. Trendy models with a rose gold case, hands, and indices, in contrast with a black dial, create a particularly classy look. The watch's 39-mm diameter case means it fits well on all wrist sizes.
The chronograph versions of the Couturier combine a classic design with the functionality of a sport watch. A watch with a chronograph function allows you to measure time and with the help of a tachymetric scale, you can determine your speed over a determined route. Watches like the TAG Heuer Carrera, which has been around since the beginning of the 1960s, have shaped the history of car racing and developed into icons over the years. Like the three-hand models, the Couturier chronographs are made of stainless steel. The more extravagant and expensive models also feature rose gold coating. The dials are predominantly black and have a tachymetric scale on their edge. Three subdials serve as the subsidiary seconds, minute counter, and hour counter. The central second hand keeps track of seconds when using the chronograph function.
Three calibers run the different versions of the Couturier: the C01.211, A05.H21, and Valjoux 7750, all produced by ETA. The Valjoux caliber is considered to be the most successful automatic chronograph caliber and is used by countless luxury watch manufacturers such as Breitling and IWC. Watches from these companies usually cost several thousand euros. The 7750 is reliable, robust, and very precise. A Couturier powered by this caliber can time 1/8ths of a second. Furthermore, at the three o'clock position, the date and day of the week are displayed. Newer models are fitted with the A05.H21, an enhanced version of the Valjoux 7750. Thanks to its optimized mainspring, it has a 60-hour power reserve. Its trendy diameter measures in at 43 mm.

The Top Couturier Models

  • Powermatic caliber with 80-hour power reserve
  • Top chronographs with Valjoux 7750 or ETA A05.H21 (60-hour power reserve)
  • Three-hand models with day/date display and automatic movement for around 500 euros
  • Chronographs powered by ETA C01.211 for less than 1,000 euros

Other Couturier Models

Quartz Movements with GMT and Chronograph Functions

Watches powered by quartz movements are both precise and affordable. Additionally, intricate complications are comparatively easier to implement in a quartz movement. In the Couturier line, there are several models featuring a stopwatch function as well as a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) function, allowing you to keep track of a second time zone. A subdial at ten o'clock keeps track of your home base time, while the usual hour and minute hands tell the local time. The subsidiary seconds dial is at six o'clock and the large, central second hand serves as the chronograph's stopwatch second hand. With this watch, you can time periods up to 12 hours. If you use the tachymetric scale on the rehaut (the edge of the dial), you can determine your speed as well. The date display is at four o'clock on either a black or silver dial. For a strap, you have the choice between stainless steel or leather.
The pure chronographs are easy to confuse with their sibling GMT function watches. However, small details distinguish them from one another. On the chronographs, the subdial for the subsidiary seconds is larger, the 30-minute counter is located at ten o'clock, and the subdial for measuring 1/10ths of a second is located at two o'clock. This is an impressive feat, seeing as the automatic stopwatch function in the Valjoux 7750 "only" measures 1/8ths of a second. Both chronograph versions are 41 mm in diameter.

Couturier Lady: The Classic Women's Watch

Tissot also offers a diverse range of watches for women in their Couturier collection. Visually, they resemble the men's watches in the series. However, they're noticeably smaller with a diameter of only 32 mm. When choosing a dial, you have the option between white, black, burgundy, or strikingly beautiful mother of pearl. This natural, iridescent material is produced by mollusks and is also the outer coating of pearls. Diamond indices or diamond-studded bezels will raise the price, as well as the beauty, of some models. The Couturier Lady is available with a quartz or automatic caliber, and you have the choice between a stainless steel or a black, white, red, or burgundy leather strap. Bicolor versions with a yellow gold coating are also available. An automatic Couturier Lady costs around 500 euros.