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Philip Stein Chrono 9-CRB3-CB (8565) Philip Stein Chrono 9-CRB3-CB (8565)

Philip Stein Combines True Luxury with Well-Being

Established in 2002, Philip Stein is an industry leader in watches and lifestyle accessories. Each piece incorporates Natural Frequency Technology, which reacts to the body's frequency to improve mood and well-being. The Philip Stein brand is renowned for its distinctly elegant timepieces and bracelets that harmonize the body's energy flow. The collection includes luxury diamond watches for men and women, as well as sleep bracelets and fragrances that promote relaxation.

Brief History of the Philip Stein Brand

Will and Rina Stein discovered the benefits of natural frequencies over a decade ago. As a result, they created a distinctive watch that helps improve its wearer’s quality of life. This new technology enhances focus and concentration, improves sleep and reduces tension. In 2003, Oprah Winfrey included the company's first watch in her list of “favorite things.” The same happened in 2005 and 2010. It was the only watch to make the list three times. Oprah was the recipient of a beautiful Philip Stein watch with six different bands from recording artist, Madonna.
The Philip Stein brand has quickly become one of the world's most valued watchmakers. It currently has millions of fans and enjoys tremendous popularity worldwide. Will and Rina Stein were expecting a son at the time when they created the brand. They planned to call their child "Ben Philip." To celebrate this special event, the brand was named “Philip Stein" and when their son was born, he was named "Ben Stein."
In the first three years, the company produced only dual time zone watches. The goal was to create a distinctive watch that reflected the brand's identity and values. Today, the Philip Stein collection includes several types of watches including pieces that have one time zone. Philip Stein is constantly expanding its line of products with fashion accessories, perfumes, and everyday items that incorporate natural frequencies. One of their latest products is a wine wand, which helps aerate the wine within minutes.

Philip Stein: Luxury Timepieces That Promote Well-Being

Philip Stein and his team are committed to creating exceptional timepieces that can improve people's lives through Natural Frequency Technology. This is the only luxury watch brand that uses natural frequencies. The watches and bracelets designed by Philip Stein emit naturally occurring frequencies producing electromagnetic fields beneficial for both the mind and body. With their innovative design, interchangeable straps, and unique dual-time dials, these watches are in no way considered average.
Philip Stein has created a new definition of luxury - Responsible Luxury. The people behind this brand claim that the purest form of luxury is long-term happiness, which results from optimal health and well-being. Each watch contains a metal disk that interacts with the wearer's energy field. The disk - previously infused with frequencies and information - have positive effects on the wearer’s health. One of the most beneficial frequencies is 7.83 HZ. People who wear Philip Stein watches tend to feel more relaxed and experience increased energy.
The target group for Philip Stein watches and accessories are mainly women because of their openness to new things. Philip Stein is no longer just a watch brand, but a lifestyle brand. Featuring a wide array of interchangeable straps and bracelets, along with dual and single time zone dials, these beautiful timepieces are ideal for any occasion or wardrobe and available through retail stores.

Popular Philip Stein Watches

Philip Stein currently has three lines of products that include luxury watches and bracelets, men and women’s perfumes, and unique accessories for a better sleep. The Philip Stein Signature watch with the eight-shape dial is one of the company’s best-selling pieces. Another popular model is the Philip Stein Small Round Diamond Watch, which features a three-hand analog display, sapphire coated mineral crystal, classic mother of pearl dial and ostrich strap. With a curbed sapphire coated mineral display and dual zone capability, the Philip Stein Large Signature Watch is a preferred choice for those with exquisite taste.
The collection also includes men's watches with a sports design, including model Philip Stein 31-ARG-RBB and Philip Stein 31-AGW-GSS. These gorgeous timepieces boast a single multifunctional movement, single time zone, white dial, and yellow gold accents. For a more fashionable look, the Philip Stein Women's Chronograph Light Silver Dial Yellow Silicone is a great choice. This chronograph is designed for young women who want to look and feel fabulous.
The Philip Stein Men's Chronograph is ideal for active men with a busy lifestyle. Key features include a black leather strap, black and luminous hour and minute, white dial with black border, and Swiss chronograph quartz movement. The timeless watches sold under this brand are available in over 25 countries worldwide. From elegant diamond watches to sports and fashion watches, there is a style to fit every taste.