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How to properly ship a watch!

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How to ship a watch teaser

Did you just sell a watch or are you in the process of selling one? Our tips can help make sure your watch will make it to the buyer safely. Check off the items on our checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.


Download the PDF checklist:

How to ship a watch checklist


Shipping Costs

If you’re planning to sell a watch, you should stop and consider a few things: first, your desired price. You should plan and calculate shipping costs before creating your ad if you want to reach your desired price.

As soon as your watch is listed, potential customers will inquire as to whether the shipping costs are already included in the price or not. In order to avoid the watch becoming more expensive for buyers, you should include shipping costs in your desired price. This also allows you more space to negotiate a price.



It’s very important that you research the customs regulations of the country you’re shipping to and include all required documents in the shipment so that the buyer can receive their watch without any problems.  Familiarize yourself with the legal regulations (e.g., for alligator leather straps).  Register your shipment with customs in advance and decide with the buyer who will pay any potential customs fees.



In order to make sure the watch won’t be damaged in transit, it’s important to use a properly sized box with enough suitable packaging material. The shipping container shouldn’t be too large, otherwise the watch and its box could be jostled around. Use plenty of packing material, such as bubble wrap, to keep the watch safe from jolts. The watch must be safely and securely packaged in its box and shipping container.



Insurance is especially important. Therefore, we recommend that you thoroughly research insurance options before shipping. Choose a shipping method that insures your watch for its full value against damage or loss. Make sure the insurance covers valuables and watches.


Delivery Address

It may seem obvious, but make sure you write the complete, correct address legibly on the package or shipping document. Have the buyer confirm the address in writing beforehand.



Once you’ve shipped the watch, don’t forget to send the buyer the shipment’s tracking ID so they can track their package and keep up to date on its status.


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