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The Zenith Port Royal timepiece is the epitome of Swiss class and accuracy

Capture time accurately, stylishly and affordably with the automatic and mechanical Zenith Port Royal luxury watch collection. Meticulously crafted in authentic Swiss style, most Port Royal versions comprise a chronograph face of matte black and silver numerals with three miniature dials. The brand was first established in the 19th century and has grown ever since.The Zenith brand has always been a technologically advanced brand with its automatic self winding "El Primero" feature and continues to be at the forefront of the luxury watch industry with its latest designs and craftsmanship.

The Port Royal was designed for the trendy urban man who is always on the go and the Zenith brand with its "El Primero" function makes the watch one of the fastest most accurate watches in the world.The Zenith Port Royal is a contemporary design for the sporty, young city man.

The unique functions and features of the Zenith Port Royal

The Port Royal is available in titanium, steel and gold with leather, tourbillon and other trendy straps. This latest Zenith timeless beauty, the Port Royal, has additional features to the brand's unique "El Primero" signature, like dual time and power reserve features.
The Zenith Port Royal comes in a myriad of unique designs. Two of the latest versions are the Port Royal Rectangle El Primero and the Port Royal Open Concept. The Zenith Port Royal Open Concept is available in black and titanium with carbon fibers and it is automatic. The Rectangular "El Primero" designs are also available in black and steel.

The Zenith Port Royal is the haute couture of Swiss luxury watch fashion

Some of the other Zenith Port Royal designs are the Mega Port Royal Open, which is rectangular in shape, automatic and steel, and the Zenith Port Royal Open T Chronograph, which is rectangular and available in black and steel. The Port Royal Open T Chronograph has a duality about it as it can be both automatic and mechanical. The Zenith Heritage Port Royal Rose Gold men’s watch is available in pink and gold and it is an automatic design. The Zenith Grande Port Royal El Primero open T concept Chronograph is rectangular, automatic and available in titanium. The Zenith Port Royal collection is a male collection and does not cater for females. If you are looking for a Zenith female timepiece, you could look for the Baby Star Open Sky, the Class Moonphase Lady and the Class Elite Automatic.

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