Gold Watches

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Gold Watches - Time is Golden

Gold watches have often been seen as the creme de la creme of timekeeping jewellery. Whether a heavy gold men's watch, or a light and delicate ladies' watch, there is a prestige connected with gold that is hard to beat.

The Gold Watch: A Classic Choice

Gold watches are often the go-to option for the classic watch aficionado. A gold watch can signify wealth and taste in a way that other styles struggle to do, and giving one as a gift shows that the recipient is well valued. There can sometimes be a risk that a gold watch is seen as old fashioned, although modern watch designers are now creating new and exciting designs.

Varieties of Gold

Modern gold watches can come in a variety of gold styles and blends. Each has its own qualities and style, with the most important factor for value being the purity. Purity in gold is usually measured in karats, with 24k being the most pure and valuable by weight. However, 24k gold is relatively soft, and so other substances can be added to make the watch tougher as well as bring down the price. As the purity of the gold decreases, so does the karat value, with 10k gold being just over 40% pure, 18k 75% pure and 22k being just over 90% pure gold. Gold values are relatively high at the moment, and so a brisk trade has developed in second hand and even broken gold items. Because of this, you may find it worthwhile to sell on your old gold watch when buying a new one.

A Design Choice

Of course, purity of gold is not the only factor when choosing your gold watch. Many different styles are available, produced by almost every watch designer. Gold watches are often produced by jewellery designers and can be statement pieces as well as utilitarian everyday timepieces. The value of a gold watch is not only in the gold itself, but also the craftsmanship, design and brand name of the watch, and so it is well worth looking at a few different styles before you buy. A gold watch can be a worthwhile investment.