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Lovers of mechanical watches have always suffered the agony of choice when it comes to selecting the right watch brand. This decision not only takes into account the look and price of the respective chronographs, but also above all the name, the history and the prestige of the watch brand. Over the decades, a handful of producers of automatic wristwatches and watch manufacturers have made a name for themselves with their models. Swiss watchmakers, in particular, represent the pinnacle of the industry. Well-known watch brands such as Rolex, Omega and Audemars Piguet win buyers over not only with their appealing look and timeless watch designs, but also above all with their impressive workmanship. Delicate movements featuring impressive technology and precision form the centerpiece of mechanical watches and make them so special. ETA SA, which is part of the Swatch Group, has particularly established itself as a manufacturer and supplier of movements for many well-known watch brands. Automatic watches have once again noticeably increased in importance after the end of the quartz crisis, not only as a fashion item and a status symbol but also as a financial investment that holds its value. You will find all major watch producers represented at Chrono24. New models are offered every day on our marketplace by private sellers. The quality of these models generally ranges from very good to brand new. Chrono24 regularly offers models from over 400 different watch brands.

Swiss watchmakers – timeless classics

The largest watch manufacturers from Switzerland are traditionally among the most sought-after brands on Chrono24. The Alpine nation has proven to be an important leader in the development and production of wristwatches for over 200 years now. Swiss watch brands are known throughout the world and are both an economic and cultural symbol of the country. The Rolex brand has particularly contributed to this status. The famous watch producer, founded in Geneva in 1903, is considered by large sections of the population to be a synonym for luxury watches. With its models Daytona, the Submariner divers’ watch, Oyster Perpetual and GMT Master, Rolex has been able to attract huge popularity with its high-quality watch models. However, it is often not just the design and technology that help a watch producer to break through. Historical and pop-culture events often play a role as well. For instance, Rolex Daytona attracted particular awareness when it was worn on the wrist of actor Paul Newman.

In the case of Omega, a further popular Swiss watch brand, an historical event was enough to ensure the whole company gained permanent fame. The brand is particularly famous for its Omega Speedmaster Professional, as this watch was used by American astronauts during space travel from the beginning of the 1960s thanks to its robust characteristics. Ultimately, the Speedmaster was also present in 1969 during the first American moon landing, and has since enjoyed legendary status among watch fans with its nickname ‘moonwatch’. However, even the Seamaster divers’ watch has contributed to Omega being among the most renowned watch brands. Further popular representatives of Swiss watchmaking include Breitling, IWC, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe and Maurice Lacroix. Many of these companies belong to the top luxury segment, and their models can achieve prices in the high six-figure range.

Watch brands: watch factory or watch manufacturer?

When it comes to watchmakers, those known as watch manufacturers hold a special place. They can be differentiated in that they manufacture both the necessary parts for the wristwatch and also the movement themselves, while the majority of watch producers rely on suppliers, especially for the latter. ETA SA, in particular, has established itself as a world market leader that supplies its watch movements to watch factories in Asia and the rest of the world. Two of the most famous watch manufacturers in Germany come from the small Saxon town of Glashütte, which has a long tradition in manufacturing watches. The watch brands Glashütte Original and Nomos Glashütte come from the eponymous town and have experienced an eventful history over the years. Glashütte Original now also belongs to the Swiss Swatch Group. A further brand from the town of Glashütte is called Union. These brands attract particular attention from lovers of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship. A further watch brand that does not come from Switzerland and has enjoyed increasing popularity over recent years is the Italian brand Panerai, which is held in particularly high regard by Hollywood actors. It doesn’t matter which watch brand you love. At Chrono24, everyone can find their favorite model.