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Patek Philippe Gondolo

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Patek Philippe Gondolo Watches

Patek Philippe came up with the idea of eccentric timepiece with the underlying art theme in the Patek Philippe Gondolo Collection. The traditional norms of elegance and classic timepieces have been taken over by ecstatic and contemporary creative designs. The crux of the company ideas is evident in the designing of the Gondolo men series.

Patek Philippe Gondolo: Stylish Creation

Creating symmetry with similar geometrical shapes, most of the timepieces in Patek Philippe Gondolo collection are rectangular in shape. Quite unexpected with the modern watchmaking trends, the company has laid emphasis on free flow designing patterns over technology. Most of the models in the collection imbibe relatively uncomplicated technical features with the hand wound movement with relatively simple calibres.
Following strictly on the line of Art Décor, the Patek Philippe Gondolo collection is a perfect style statement for men as well as ladies. Available in rectangle, trapeze and tonneau shapes, the stylish shapes have been further elaborated with various kinds of dial colors, hands and designing patterns.

Gondolo: An Artistic Timepiece

Breaking the lines from the Patek Philippe tradition, the aesthetic appeal of the Gondolo selection has been favored with liberty of free flow designs adoring the various timepieces in the Gondolo lineage. With most of the timepieces designed in rectangular shapes, the collection resolutely prefers fashionable style over technological advanced timepieces.
Unlike the simple calibres with the hand winding movement housing the rectangular cases, the Gondolo timepieces receive several stylish embellishments. The guilloche shaped dials with the luring color patterns are surfaced with classic and elegant Arabic and Roman numerals. The dials are available in a variety of colors including blue, opaline and crème.
Following the austere directions of the Art Décor, the designing of the Gondolo men’s selections is entirely different from the ladies fashion line. The timeline proudly reflects the rich legacy and tradition of the Patek Philippe while creating timepieces. The Gondolo men’s collection is a fresh attempt mirroring the brands tradition of the old patterns while experimenting with the refreshing and novel ideas at the same time.
Available in three shapes: rectangle, tonneau and trapeze, some of the patterns of the Gondolo timepieces like the trapeze carry unique designs making a deviation from the conventional styles. The tonneau shaped watches also highlights the Art Décor idea with the timepieces equally liked by both men as well as ladies. Echoing the appeal of a luxury timepiece collection, a number of models in the timepiece collection imbibe feminine characteristics. The styling of the cases as well as the making of the watches has been carried in an interesting manner.

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