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Patek Philippe Calatrava Watches

With the underlying theme of Avant Garde modernism, Patek Philippe introduced Patek Philippe Calatrava watchline in 1932. The Calatrava collection is considered a signature model of Patek Philippe expressing aesthetic sense in its finest style. The watchline exhibits the sleek designing pattern epitomizing elegance and class.

Patek Philippe Calatrava: A Stylish Collection

Reflecting the watchmakers’ aim of delivering high end quality watches, the Patek Philippe Calatrava imbibes the artistic design in its ultimate shape. The timepiece collection caters to the changing trends with the impeccable designing and elegant styles. The various models created in the collection adore a men’s wrist while gracing ladies wristlets as well.
Adored with a round dial complemented with guilloche bezel, the Patek Philippe Calatrava “Clous de Paris” is one of the most celebrated models in the watchline selection. With a self wind mechanical movement, it is powered by a Caliber 215 PS.

Calatrava: Elegance Personified

One of the most stylish timepieces enriching the Patek Philippe Family tree is the Calatrava collection assimilating classy and exquisite watches. Most of the wristlets in the collection are adorned with sleek and slim patterns. The designs of the lineage reflect the essences of subtle designs in the timepieces embellished with gleaming and stylish dials. The artistic sense of the collection touches new zeniths keeping in line with the contemporary times.
Sparkled with elegant colors, the different colors surfacing the dial surface add a tinge of grace to the classic Calatrava collection. The patterns in the lineage undergo the transition with the changing times adhering to the tastes of the present generation.
This is one of the most marked collections under the Patek Philippe flagship which has created a special niche in the horologie world. The timepieces are a perfect embellishment for a formal occasion catching the gaze of the onlookers in its charm. With the single line indices embracing most of the timepieces in the Calatrava collection, the class of the dials is also elevated with the use of splendid Roman or Arabic numerals.
Available in a number of patterns, the timepieces in the Calatrava lineage cater to embrace the wrists of both men as well as ladies. Most of the timepieces in the men collections have been created with bright colors and subtle shades, while the color scheme employed in the ladies wristlets take back to the aristocratic era. The timepieces employ the use of precious metals like gold, diamonds or platinum in its making while most of the Calatrava watches are housed in white gold cases. The gold bracelets attached to the watch make them look like exquisite jewelry pieces.

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