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IWC Porsche Design Watches

Maintaining the long tradition of military watches, the IWC Porsche Design holds a very important place in the collective watches. The Porsche Design line was launched in the year 1978.

IWC Porsche Design: Style with Sport

The world’s first titanium wristwatch was designed by the IWC in collaboration with the Porsche Company. The early 1980s saw the dawn of the first titanium diving watch designed by Porsche, the Ocean 2000. The IWC Porsche Design timepiece was launched at the Basel fair in 1983 with the term “International Watch Co.” and “Schaffhausen” imprinted on the watch’s dial.
Essentially a divers watch, there were certain variations which separated the military version of the watch with the normal civilian watch. IWC Porsche Design also released the Titanium Porsche Design Moonphase Chronograph combining of accuracy with style. These are some of the most prominent models in the line of IWC Porsche Design collective series.

IWC Porsche Design: A High End Timepiece

Promising a style with performance, the IWC Porsche Design accomplishes the sporty features wrapped in a stylish timepiece. Besides the sporty look embraced by the timepiece, the Porsche Design Moonphase Chronograph designs perfectly adores any formal occasion as well. The timepiece adheres to the accurate and precision details, a prerequisite for a sport chrono.
Placed in a titanium case, the watch is fashioned with a 36mm case size. The tachymeter scale is stylishly attached to the timepiece creating a dark contrast with the dial. This Porsche design model is also equipped with blaze buttons enhancing the appearance of the watch.
Created with an adorable craftsmanship, the flawless design of the bracelet associates the case with absolute grace. The formal look of the timepiece is elevated with the sub dials highlighted with the gold lines on the circular corners. The PD wristlet has tried to maintain a sporty look with a classy blue dial furnished in sandblasted titanium case.
Combining the versatility of class with performance, the timepiece serves a blend of high end functions covered in a stylish timepiece shape. Housed in a 1987 developed JLC calibre 631 movement, the movement is often confused with a quartz movement. The JLC calibre 631 movement is considered as one of the world’s smallest chronograph movements.
The markings on the dial offer clear visibility with the gold hands accentuating the markings on the blue dial. The classic look of the Porsche Design echoes the appearance of a contemporary timepiece laced with hi tech performance.

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