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On Chrono24 you can find a total of 4,427 new IWC watches and 3,264 pre-owned IWC watches.

IWC watches are instant classics destined to become a future heirloom

IWC watches represent the finest in Swiss watch-making with a combination of tradition and innovation. IWC prices differ for models like the Aquatimer, Da Vinci, Fliegeruhren (Pilot's), Ingenieur, and Portugieser.

The International Watch Company was established in 1869 by an American watchmaker and engineer seeking to combine technical novelties from the New World with fine Swiss craftsmanship. IWC watches have been prominent ever since with a history of creating future trends and technological revolutions in electronic and mechanical timekeeping. IWC prices are good investments, as IWC watches maintain value.

IWC watches come in many styles

IWC watches are sophisticated timepieces worth the IWC price. The Portuguese line of IWC watches have an Old World flair reminiscent of Portuguese explorers roaming the high seas. The Aquatimer series of chronographs are the perfect IWC watch for serious water enthusiasts, withstanding pressure of up to 200 bar. The Da Vinci line of IWC watches combines straight lines with modern curves. The Ingenieur line reflects technical precision with a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. The Fliegeruhren Pilot's watch is one of the flagship IWC watches.
You can find more information here: www.iwc.com

Top IWC models
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