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Franck Muller Conquistador: A Story Of Success

The tradition of Swiss watchmaking dates back hundreds, even thousands of years, and breaking into that tradition late in the game is no small feat. In the 1980s when Franck Muller was designing and making watches under the “Franck Geneva” brand, he had no idea that he would soon be producing some of the most cutting-edge timepieces in the world, such as the Franck Muller Conquistador. The brand now encompasses 19 collections for gentlemen and 13 collections for women, including the “grandes complications” line with some of the most technically complex timepieces in the world, as well as the popular Franck Muller Conquistador.

Franck Muller Conquistador Incorporates World-Renowned Design

With world-renowned designs like the Conquistador, and the similarly stylish Casablanca, the brand has become known for its style and substance, but its beginnings were more humble as a boutique watchmaking shop. Muller met his eventual partner Vartan Sirmakes when he asked for help making new case bodies for his designs. Separately, both Sirmakes and Muller were honing their complementary watchmaking skills, but together they realized that they could create an amazing product which would eventually elevate the standards for watchmaking around the world.
Because Muller and Sirmakes control almost every stage of production for watches, they are able to implement creative designs, react to changing styles in the marketplace, and be on the leading edge of watch fashions, which they are with the Franck Muller Conquistador. Many watchmakers are beholden to factories far from their headquarters to produce and send in either parts of fully assembled watches. The lag between designing new fashions and having them built and ready for market makes watchmakers particularly slow at addressing the ever-changing fashions of the watch industry. Like its namesake, the Franck Muller Conquistador line boldly conquers new style and design, stretching sporty fashion to a whole new level.

A History of Tradition and Technology

In addition to creativity in style and design, the Franck Muller Conquistador is known for its technological savvy. Its watches personify intricate timepieces, styles that range from 100-200 components in the Franck Muller Conquistador line to 36 complications and more than 1,400 components in its Aeternitas Mega model.
While technology, style, and design are important, so is staying true to the exceptional traditions of Swiss watchmaking. The Franck Muller Conquistador is made in factories around the Swiss Jura region, but assembled in Geneva, which has been at the center of watchmaking tradition since the 1600s. The factory is aptly named “Watchland”, and housed in a historic country house, built in the early 20th century with traditional Geneva architecture. If you haven't given the Conquistador a look, you definitely should!