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Cartier Roadster: The Sports Watch With A Luxury History

The Roadster watch is a contemporary classic, which isn't hard to imagine since Cartier has long been associated with luxury jewellery and watchmaking.

Cartier SA is French institution which has become identified over the years with providing jewellery to royalty, as well as fine watches such as the Cartier Roadster. The company has received several royal warrants in its history. In particular it was associated with the British monarch Edward VII, with Cartier making several tiaras for his coronation.

About Cartier

The company which makes the Cartier Roadster was established originally in 1847, when Louis-Francois Cartier acquired control of a workshop where he had originally worked for someone else. However it was really his grandsons Louis, Pierre and Jacques who established the company's status on the global stage at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, the brand name is one which has become associated with luxurious style over the years, and as a company continues to engage its traditions and history in its contemporary designs. That sense of continuity and style which transcends fashion are hallmarks of the Cartier Roadster. Headquartered in Paris, the capital of France, the producer of the Cartier Roadster now also has four iconic bases in London, New York and Tokyo, as well as the French capital. In total, it has 200 stores in 125 countries worldwide. But the company also has a history of watchmaking, with its 1904 model 'Santos' being regarded by many as the world's first practical wrist watch for men. Cartier also made the famous 'Tank' range of watches in the aftermath of World War One. That tradition has continued up until the present day, and the Cartier Roadster collection is considered a classic of its type.

Cartier Roadster

The Cartier Roadster bases many of it's design features on motor racing from the 1950s and 1960s, and it has a sturdy, practical build. There is a range of individual watches in the collection, ranging from entry level models available for a few thousand Pounds or Euros, to high-end watches which retail for tens of thousands of Pounds or Euros.Very much a masculine watch, the Cartier Roadster nevertheless has the smooth styling and elegant lines which mark it out as a piece for a man of taste and style. Many Cartier Roadster models have interchangeable straps, which work using a patented system. An extra large model is also produced, which has sword-shaped hands in black oxidised steel as one of its design features. Smaller than normal versions are also manufactured. The Cartier Roadster enjoys the finest movements and internal mechanisms, manufactured by the company themselves. Some models are fitted with mechanical or self-winding movements, while others have quartz mechanisms at their heart. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, the Cartier Roadster is stylish creation which one can wear at the race track or at the most exclusive of luxury functions.

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