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On Chrono24 you can find a total of 4,421 new Cartier watches and 6,543 pre-owned Cartier watches.

A Cartier watch is a timeless symbol of style and elegance

There is a large variety of Cartier watches. Available models include the 21 Chronoscaph, Pasha, Roadster, Santos, and Tank. Cartier watches have a long history for an excellent reputation.

Louis Cartier was a famous watchmaker from France who became famous for his fine designs in Cartier watches. In the late 18th and early 19th century, he was largely responsible for the increasing popularity of the wristwatch as opposed to the pocket watch. Many aristocrats and crowned heads of Europe purchased Cartier watches, which featured fine workmanship and materials including gold and platinum as well as precious jewels. This made Cartier watches available only at exclusive Cartier prices.

Cartier watches demand Cartier prices

In 1904, the Cartier watch model Santos became the first wristwatch manufactured for men. It was made in response to a pilot's need for dependable timekeeping and has been a popular Cartier watch ever since. The Tank model was named in honour of Allied tank units that helped free France in WWI and has remained a landmark Cartier watch. Pasha was the first Cartier watch to be truly waterproof. The 21 Chronoscaph and Roadster are also available for those able to afford Cartier prices.

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