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Breitling Chronomat 44 IB011012 44mm Burgundy 18k Rose Gold Stainless Steel Chronograph


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Basic Info

Brand Breitling
Ref. No. IB011012
Code IB0110
Movement Automatic
Case material Steel
Year 2010-Current
Condition 0 (unworn)
  With box
Gender Men's watch/Unisex
Location United States, California, Newport Beach
Price $8,649
Availability Ready to ship in 3-5 days


Movement Automatic


Case material Steel
Case diameter 44 mm
Waterproof 50 ATM
Dial numerals No numerals


Clasp Fold clasp


Chronograph, Date


Luminescent Hands, Screw-Down Crown


Breitling Chronomat 44 IB011012 44mm Burgundy 18k Rose Gold Stainless Steel ChronographBrand: BreitlingSeries: Chronomat 44Gender: MaleCase Material: Stainless SteelCase Diameter: 44 mmDial: Analog IndexBezel: Uni-Directional, RatchetedMovement: AutomaticClasp: DeploymentBracelet: -Water Resistant: 500 Meters (1,650 Feet)Notes: Hey guys, this is Ken from JazTime.com. Today, I have for you the Breitling Chronomat Two Tone. The model number for this watch is IB0110. So before we start, I'll be letting you know we'll be doing an unboxing, a reviewing of the case, I'll show you guys how to adjust the time, and we'll go ahead and go over the bracelet and clasp as well. Also give you any additional information you need to find this watch for the lowest possible price. Okay, so when you're buying this watch, these are the things you can expect. You'll be receiving this watch in a nice little container, nice little pill there, in the Breitling box here. Underneath all that, you'll be able to find the warranty information, the serial number, and any other information about the watch on this cool little new style warranty card, which is an actually LED screen, which is pretty cool. It'll display the information that I said before, all on this little screen, unfortunately, I had to block it off because it is information I can't show you guys. Moving on, addition, on the back of that pocket, there will be information about the watch, and underneath that, we have the COSC certification of the watch, which means that this watch has been tested to an extremely accurate timekeeping. Only about a few seconds off actual time, which is pretty cool. A fun fact, only actually 3% of the world's watches are COSC certified. All right, so let me go ahead, and, let's move on to the main star of the show, the watch. Give me one second to take it off this pill here. Hope you guys are eyeing the bracelet and such 'cause I'm definitely gonna go over that 'cause it's very, very beautiful. All right, so, okay. All right, so here's the watch. As you can see, it has a nice and burgundy-color dial, which is contrasted to the gold subdials and gold hour markers along the hands, the hour hands and the minute hand. These markers are luminous, so if you were to go out in the sun, these markers will light up in the dark when you enter your home at a later time at night, or if you're just be walking around in a darker place, it would be lit up for about eight hours or so. The size of this case, though, it's 44 millimeters, so it's a pretty large watch. The thickness of the watch is 17 millimeters, which means that this watch is a very, very hefty watch. You'll definitely feel the weight of this watch on your wrist. So let's talk more about the dial. The subdials here all represent a different sort of timekeeping. The one on the left here tracks the seconds, as you can see that moving. The one on the right here tracks 30 minutes, and the bottom dial here tracks the 12 hours. And, additionally, the date is located here, at the five o'clock position, and I'll show you how to adjust that in a sec. This is all covered by a sapphire crystal, so it's nice and protected, and the bezel is a stainless steel with gold accents at the 12 o'clock, six o'clock, nine o'clock, and three o'clock positions. As you can see, it's also engraved with increments of five minutes each time, and the meaning for that is that, let's just say you were to go diving, see that minute hand is already here, you would just have to adjust this indicator right there onto the minute hand, and you go diving. You come back up and resurface, and this minute hand has already moved on, let's just say it moved onto the 10. You would automatically know you had been underwater for 10 minutes. So it's pretty useful in that sense. Of course, you can use it to track any other sort of time. So let me go ahead and reset that dial back. All right. So let's move on to the crown and the two chrono pushers. Of course, the crown is located at the three o'clock position, and I'll show you how that works in just a second. I wanna go over these two chrono pushers first. The top chrono pusher, starts the hack movement, which is a movement of the seconds hand, as you can see there, at the 12 o'clock position. I'm gonna go ahead and adjust that. All you have to do is unwind it counterclockwise and press down, you'll hear a click, and I'll start. Additionally, you click it again, it'll stop. Always make sure to tighten up any of these, the chrono pushers or the crown. And on the bottom here, this one resets that seconds hand to the 12 o'clock position. As you see there, as I press, reset back to 12 o'clock position. Again, always screw that back down snug against the case. So let's move on to the crown. Unscrewing it counterclockwise, will set it to the first position. This first position will let you wind the watch. It only takes 20 times clockwise. I've already wound this watch, I don't wanna wind it anymore. If you do with you watch past the 20 turns, you may wanna stop because you will damage the inner workings of the watch. You'll start to feel resistance as you get closer to that 20 mark, and you should honestly just stop there. Moving on, go ahead and you pull it out one more time. That'll let you adjust the day at the bottom there. As you can see, it's a quick set date, very nice, you can only go clockwise here. Yup, only clockwise, and that is much better that trying to move the minute hand or the hour hand all the way around the 24-hour period just to get the date to turn once. So I do like that feature. One more pull, you hear a click, and then you'll be able to adjust the time to however you need. Always, of course, make sure you tighten the crown back against the case as snug as possible because you don't want water to get into your watch from anywhere, and this is the only area that the water would ever get into the watch. Keeping it snug against the case will give this water resistance up to 500 meters or 1,650 feet, which is an insane amount of water resistance compared to the Rolex Submariner, which is only, I believe, 300 meters, or about a thousand feet. So let's move on to the back of the case. As you can see there, case is very nice looking. It has a Breitling name embossed onto the back there. At the seven o'clock position on the left, where my thumb is, it has the model number, which is, once again,IB0110, and also, additionally, the serial number is also engraved there as well. Of course, I blocked it out for obvious reasons. The movement of the watch is automatic self-winding, as I showed you how to wind the watch earlier. The power reserve of the watch is 70 hours, meaning, if you were to set the watch down and forget about it, it will actually keep ticking for 70 hours, which is pretty nice. So let's move on to the bracelet, which is one of the main attractions of the Breitling. As you can see, much different from Rolex's bracelets. It has five rows of links, as you can see there. It has the stainless steel links at the outer edges and then, additionally, at the center edge. They are all slash cut, as you can see, they have sort of a diagonal look to them, which is really cool. It has 18 karat gold links in between the little stainless steel links, and overall, it just looks very beautiful. As you can see, it flows very nicely in a pattern. It has very shiny as well. I believe they're all mirror polished, so they all have that nice shine to them and are very reflective. And, in the center of all this, we have the clasp, has the Breitling name, logo, and the logo engraved there. The clasp is just a very simple folding clasp with an additional lock, which, right here, is the additional lock, as you can see there. Take that off, and you'll pull this part out. And it's very easy. You have the Breitling name engraved onto the clasp itself, and lemme show you that one more time. See, you fold it, snaps once, and then safety lock to keep it very confined, and, very simple. Lemme go ahead and actually show you guys the watch on my wrist now. Man, that is a beautiful dial. As you can see, there is a little bit of glare from the lights above. As you can see, it's a little blue, which is indicating that sapphire crystal that protects all the dial, which is very nice. Lemme go through the bracelet. Oh, man, that is a nice watch. I definitely like the color of the burgundy against that gold. I definitely love the pattern of the bracelet. It's very nice. The only drawback I can say about this watch is the dial is a little bit too busy for me. There are other choices if you're not looking for too busy of a dial. But other than that, it's still a very, very nice watch. For being such a large watch as well, the weight is actually a nice amount of weight. It's not overbearing or such, so you can definitely keep it on. I, personally, enjoy it. But if you have any other questions about this watch, please leave a comment below. If you want to buy this watch or any of the models for the lowest possible price, please check out our shop and JazTime.com. We have the lowest price guaranteed, a one-year warranty, and we offer free shipping. If you like the video, please like and subscribe. We've got lots more to show you guys. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you guys soon.

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