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Breitling Super Avenger Breitling Super Avenger Available now $5,500 US

Breitling Avenger: The Military Series

The Avenger collection combines the advantages of pilot's watches with those of diving watches. Thus, these watches are easy to read during the day and at night and are incredibly sturdy - some waterproof to 3,000 m (300 bar).


  • Collection with pilot's and diving watches
  • Precise, COSC-certified automatic calibers
  • Great functionality for professional needs
  • Waterproof to 3,000 m (300 bar)
  • Avenger Hurricane with innovative "Breitlight" case

The Breitling Avenger: For Water and Air

The watches in Breitling's Avenger collection are professional timepieces designed for both pilots and divers, bridging the gap between flying and diving. Some functions, however, such as a chronograph for timing or a second time zone, are primarily meant for pilots. The Avenger II has a chronograph caliber which can time up to 12 hours. Scales for converting into US customary units are engraved on the titanium case back.
Those who travel often can always keep an eye on the local time as well as a second time zone with the Avenger II GMT. A fourth hand, which makes one full rotation every 24 hours, shows you a second time zone, such as the time back home, for instance.
Professional divers appreciate the robust waterproofness of the Avenger II Seawolf: an impressive 3,000 m (300 bar). The watch has a helium escape valve, which opens and releases helium atoms when pressure builds up inside the watch. This allows it to perfectly fit the demands of professional divers. It's comparable to the Superocean Chronograph M2000 from the Superocean series. The M2000 is waterproof to 2,000 m (200 bar) and has a chronograph function, which differentiates it from the Avenger II Seawolf.

Buying Advice

Are you searching for a wristwatch that has the functionality of a pilot's watch and the robustness of a diving watch? Then the Avenger collection models from Breitling are perfect for you. With the automatic chronographs Avenger II, Super Avenger, Avenger Bandit, and Avenger Hurricane, you can time to 1/8th of a second. You can even go diving with the Avenger II, as well: The chronograph wristwatch is waterproof to 300 m (30 bar). You can find a pre-owned Avenger chronograph in good condition for around 2,200 euros. New, the watch costs around 3,500 euros. The Super Avenger is better for those with larger wrists, as the watch is 48 mm in diameter. Pre-owned models are available for around 2,100 euros, while new, they cost 3,300 euros. A titanium Avenger Bandit is available for about 4,000 euros, while the black Avenger Hurricane costs around 6,500 euros.
New Avenger models with a GMT function can be bought for around 2,400 euros. The Seawolf is waterproof to 3,000 m (300 bar) and is available pre-owned for about 1,800 euros. New models of this watch cost around 2,400 euros. The black Blackbird models are 2,900 euros pre-owned and 3,200 euros new.

The Avenger II and Super Avenger II: Bigger and Better

With a diameter of 43 mm, the Breitling Avenger II is already a large watch. The stainless steel case is 16.5 mm thick. Thanks to the screw-down case back and crown, the watch is waterproof to 300 m. One characteristic mark of this chronograph is the presence of four rider tabs on the bezel. These bezel rider tabs are also featured in other series such as the Chronomat and the Colt. The tabs make it easier to rotate the uni-directional bezel. Additionally, it protects the domed and anti-reflective sapphire glass. Other characteristic features include the fluted crown and stencil numerals, which call to mind the numerals on airplanes and hangars. The strap is available in leather, rubber, textile, or as a three-piece link stainless steel bracelet. The dial is available in black, blue, and gray.
The Super Avenger II resembles the "normal" models so much that they could be twins. With its 48-mm diameter, the Super Avenger II is well suited for larger wrists. Its large size makes an imposing impression. Breitling offers similar choices when it comes to straps and dials. The automatic chronograph caliber Breitling 13 powers the Avenger II and Super Avenger II. It's based on the ETA Valjoux 7750, which is considered one of the most successful automatic chronograph calibers in the world. The balance wheel vibrates at a frequency of 28,800 alternations per hour (A/h), which is equal to 4 Hz. The movement is precise enough to time to 1/8th of a second. The power reserve lasts 42 hours. The caliber has a small seconds at nine o'clock, a 30-minute counter at twelve o'clock, and a 12-hour counter at six o'clock. The date is displayed at the three o'clock position.

Breitling Avenger II and Super Avenger II Details

  • 43-mm or 48-mm diameter
  • Chronograph feature
  • Waterproof to 300 m (30 bar)

The Breitling Avenger II GMT: Two Time Zones for Pilots

Long-haul pilots often go through many different time zones. Since the 1950s, they've been using GMT watches so they don't lose track of the time. GMT watches display not only the local time, but also the time in another time zone. The three usual hands for hours, minutes, and seconds display the local time, while a fourth hand - a second hour hand - indicates the time in a second time zone. It makes a full rotation once every 24 hours. Together with a 24-hour scale, it tells the time in another time zone; your home time zone, for example. The Breitling Avenger II GMT has two 24-hour scales: one on the edge of the dial and another on the bi-directional bezel. This allows the watch to display three time zones at once. The case is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 43 mm. It's waterproof to 300 m (30 bar).
The Breitling caliber 32 powers the Avenger II GMT. The movement is based on the ETA 2893-2. The automatic movement has a power reserve of approximately 42 hours, a date display, and a fourth hand to display a second time zone. The balance wheel vibrates at 28,800 A/h.

Breitling Avenger II GMT Details

  • GMT function to display multiple time zones
  • 43-mm diameter
  • Waterproof to 300 m (30 bar)

The Breitling Avenger II Seawolf: For Extreme Depths

The Breitling Avenger II Seawolf is extremely robust; it's waterproof to 3,000 m. At this depth, there is pressure of 300 bar exerted on the watch. There are only a few diving watches that can withstand such pressure. One example is the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea, which is waterproof to 3,900 m (390 bar). Both the Rolex watch and the Seawolf have a helium escape valve, which equalizes pressure inside the watch. When deep underwater, helium molecules from the breathing mixture in diving stations find their way into the watch's case. When the pressure level in the surrounding area sinks, excess pressure builds up inside the watch if it doesn't have a helium escape valve. In the worst case scenario, the watch could be seriously damaged.
The case is 18.4 mm thick with a diameter of 45 mm and features domed sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating on both sides. The bezel is uni-directional for the safety of the diver. If the bezel is accidentally moved during the dive, the dive time can only be shortened, not lengthened. The Seawolf is also available in black-coated titanium with a diamond-set bezel. Breitling offers the options of a black, gray, or yellow dial, and a leather, textile, rubber, or stainless steel band. The watch is powered by the Breitling 17 caliber, which is based on the movement ETA 2824, has a power reserve of around 40 hours, and displays the date at three o'clock.

Breitling Avenger II Seawolf Details

  • Waterproof to 3,000 m (300 bar)
  • Helium escape valve for equalizing pressure
  • 45 mm in diameter, 18.4 mm thick

The Breitling Avenger Blackbird: For Extreme Missions

The Blackbird is named after one of the fastest and most famous reconnaissance aircraft in the world: the Lockheed SR-71, nicknamed Blackbird. The plane was used by the US Air Force between 1966 and 1998.
Like the plane, the Blackbird is black. Breitling uses coated titanium for the case, which is available with either a 44-mm or 48-mm diameter. The black case, dial, and bezel emphasize the watch's functional design. Its textile strap is sturdy yet comfortable and is available in anthracite and khaki green. The rotatable bezel is uni-directional. Breitling's caliber 17, based on an ETA movement, powers the Blackbird. The Blackbird 44 can be identified by its smaller size and date window, which has a red frame instead of a white one.

Breitling Avenger Blackbird Details

  • Black-coated titanium case
  • 44-mm or 48-mm diameter
  • Anthracite or khaki green textile strap

The Breitling Avenger Hurricane: New Case Material

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones that form every year in summer or fall. Breitling made their own storm in the form of the Avenger Hurricane. Its case is made of a newly developed material which Breitling calls "Breitlight." The name is a reference to the material's qualities: It's 5.8 times more lightweight than steel and weighs 3.3 times less than titanium. In terms of hardness, Breitlight beats both stainless steel and titanium. Its surface is matte and reminiscent of carbon fibers. Breitling makes the case, case back, bezel, and even the push-pieces and crowns from this new material.
The watch's matte black dial with large, white stencil numerals goes well with its military look. One special feature is its 24-hour dial. The hour hand makes one full rotation every 24 hours. Conventional watches with a 12-hour dial make a rotation twice a day. The 24-hour display has the advantage of immediately indicating whether it's day or night. This can be useful in certain environments where it isn't easy to differentiate between day and night such as the polar circle or in a submarine. Thanks to its large numerals, the watch is also easy to read.
With its large 50-mm diameter, the black Avenger Hurricane catches the eye even from far away. Its yellow, military rubber strap - a mix of rubber and anthracite textile - adds to the watch's imposing look. If you want a strap a little more subdued or completely black, then you have the choice between a black rubber/anthracite textile or a pure textile strap in anthracite.
Breitling's in-house B12 caliber powers the Hurricane. The movement is based on Breitling's B01 caliber, but has a 24-hour display. It has an impressive 70-hour power reserve, and is unique in that its escape wheel and balance wheel have shock protection. This results in a movement that can withstand shocks much better. Its balance frequency is 28,800 A/h.

Breitling Avenger Hurricane Details

  • Black "Breitlight" case
  • In-house movement B12
  • 24-hour display
  • 50-mm diameter